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Cyber Monday Deals: Amazon's Best Science Toys for Kids

Kids playing with programmable robot.
(Image: © Yuriy Golub/Shutterstock)

If you have a little paleontologist, a star-gazer or a budding chemist, one of these science-inspired toys may be right for your child. Here's a look at some of the best Cyber Monday deals.

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit: Have a child (or adult) in your life who can't get enough of space? Pretend to be an engineer and then astronaut: This huge Lego set comes with pieces to put together a NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket with removable first, second and third-rocket stages and rescue rocket at top of the whole spacecraft, plus three stands to display it. And some extras: the lunar Lander and the lunar orbiter. Get ready for some space-y fun, with this Cyber Monday deal on Amazon for more than 30% off.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid: Explore the galaxy with this R2-D2 device, which you can control with an app to drive it, transform it from bipod to tripod stances and trigger emotive waddles. Comes with various STEM activities. Right now, for Cyber Monday, the droid is 60% off the normal list price.


littleBits Space Rover Inventor Kit: This kit comes with everything your child (ages 8 and up) needs to create fun, space rover inventions, such as a space rock collector or an alien life detector, using littleBits electronic blocks. According to the manufacturer, "kids are challenged to build fun, space exploration inventions that change the way we discover the final frontier." For Cyber Monday, the kit is 25% off.

Thames & Kosmos Robotics Workshop Kit: Kids ages 10 and up can build and program robots with this compete robotics engineering system. They can build an ultrasound robot that avoids obstacles along its route. The core controller features a Bluetooth connection to tablets and smartphones and a USB connection. For Cyber Monday, the kit is selling for 18% off on Amazon.

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littleBits Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit - Build Super Hero Gear & Code Your Own Super Powers: For kids ages 8 and up, the littleBits inventor kit includes everything needed to build and customize a super hero gauntlet: electronic building blocks, LED Matrix, authentic Marvel sound effects bit, plastic pieces, stickers and battery. And while building, your kids will be learning science. Includes 18 activities. For Cyber Monday, the kit is more than 30% off the normal list price.


Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit: Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, this science kit is magical: Kids can pretend like their wizards while learning about science. For instance, to cast a spell, any wizard needs a wand and this one requires a fun chemical reaction. There are supplies and instructions for nine experiments, such as making ordinary powders mystically foam into a Fizzy Frenzy, using Hocus Pocus Powder to make those powders change color, creating a test tube crystal ball and more. Right now, the kit is at one of the lowest prices Amazon has ever offered, selling for $10.54, or 56 percent off the normal listing price.

Originally published on Live Science.