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Best geode kits

Break your own geode kits are a great way to get kids interested in science and geology and let them learn while having fun.

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If you're trying to get your child interested in science in general, or Geology in particular, a great option is a geode kit. They'll be able to take a hands-on approach by breaking open rocks to reveal the minerals hidden inside. Whether for fun or as an add-on to lessons, they're well worth the investment.

Best overall

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National Geographic 10 geode kit

Make learning fun

Geodes contain multitudes inside of them as kids will learn as they break them open. National Geographic emphasizes fun while also teaching kids about the science behind what they're doing. You get ten geodes to break free, two display cases, goggles, and a 16-page learning guide in this kit.

Naturally occurring

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Gem Center break your own geode kit

A variety of possible minerals wait inside each geode

Half of the fun of breaking open geodes is using a hammer to whack them and see what's waiting inside. This geode kit from Gem Center USA delivers a dozen geodes in one package. Only breaking them open will reveal the minerals hiding inside. Inside this kit, you'll find 12 geodes to break free, and an information guide for young explorers who want to learn about the science behind this fun! 

Best value

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National Geographic 2 geode kit

A great place to start

If you aren't sure if your kids will actually be interested in geodes then buying a larger kit might seem like a waste. This two geode kit from National Geographic delivers a fun and informational place to start,  while also being super affordable for families operating on a budget. 

Most geodes

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Break your own geode kit

Larger than the rest

This geode kit from Discover with Dr.Cool does two things that many other kits don't. It delivers 25 geodes in one package, which is more than any of the competition. Each geode is also larger, measuring between 2 and 2.5 inches. This makes them great for display, and is an excellent option for families with multiple children and a tight budget! 

Bottom line

Geode kits offer a fun hands-on way to show kids how awesome Geology can be and get them interested in science. Whether you are aiming for some rock smashing fun, or a way to teach your kids about science from home, geodes are an excellent option. If we could only recommend one option it would be the ten geode kit from National Geographic. This option has ten geodes, a 16-page informational booklet, and even display stands making it a great option for any family.