HoMedics Pro Physio review

With optional heated or cooling attachments, the HoMedics Pro Physio can target problem areas and reinvigorate your body

HoMedic Pro Physio massage gun
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Live Science Verdict

Featuring a heated and a cooling head attachment, the HoMedics Pro Physio tackles problem areas with a soothing or invigorating massage.


  • +

    Six head attachments included

  • +

    Heated and cooling options

  • +

    Protective carry case


  • -

    Heavier than many massage guns

  • -

    No standard flat head attachment

  • -

    Requires two hands to change speed

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This HoMedics Pro Physio review takes a closer look at this electric massage gun, from testing its features and functionality, to checking out the most recent user reviews. We’ve got everything you need to know, from percussions per minute (PPM) to what sets this massage gun apart from others on the market.

The massage gun features six head attachments, the most of any of the massage guns we tested at home. Boasting a maximum PPM of 3000 PPM, the HoMedics Pro Physio also includes a heated head attachment to deliver warmth to problem areas, and a cool head attachment. 

HoMedics says its massage gun balances relaxation, relief from muscle tension and tight knots, and recovery from exercise in one simple-to-use device. Designed to be used at home or on the move, the massage gun also comes with a carry case to store the gun and head attachments.

And if the HoMedics Pro Physio isn’t the massage gun you’re looking for, our guide to the best massage guns has lots more options for the perfect fit. 

HoMedics Pro Physio review: size and design

The HoMedics Pro Physio comes in a recyclable cardboard box. Inside is a very professional looking carry case, with the HoMedics branding. Within the protective carry case a molded foam holder provides slots for the gun, all six head attachments that come with it, and the plug-in charger. This secures all your attachments and keeps them in good condition.

A mesh compartment in the lid holds the user manual and an explanatory guide on how and where to use the massage gun on the body, complete with which head attachment to use and what intensity to use it at, which is very useful.

HoMedics Pro Physio review

(Image credit: HoMedics)

The gun itself is fairly heavy, weighing in at 2lbs. This makes it one of the heaviest massage guns we tested at home. Although it’s not uncomfortable to use for longer periods, it could become heavy and unwieldy over longer massage sessions.

When it comes to design, it’s clear that HoMedics have prioritized function over design. The Pro Physio looks a little like a hairdryer, with a long handle and matte black casing. At the rear of the gun, three lights indicate speed settings, while an adjustable ring at the base allows users to turn the motor on and adjust the speed and intensity. The massage gun requires two hands to operate, unlike many others which feature a single button for power and speed. 

Users can select their head attachment and screw it in securely to the opening of the gun, ready for use. At the base of the handle is a port for the charger and a battery indicator.

Six head attachments are included:

  • Barrel: For the upper back, calves and forearms
  • Ball: For the quads, hamstrings, glutes, feet and hands
  • Cool gel: For the IT band, shins and hip flexors
  • Heated: For the lower back, traps and glutes
  • Cellulite: For massaging areas with cellulite
  • Arrow: For targeting problem areas and smaller muscles

The battery is designed to last for an impressive five hours of use, falling to 3.5 hours if you favor the heated head attachment, which uses up more battery life. We weren’t able to test this fully at home, but found the massage gun charged quickly and gave a great performance during all our massage sessions, which totaled around an hour. 

HoMedics Pro Physio review: functionality

The HoMedics Pro Physio features three speed settings, from a lower intensity of 2100 PPM to the highest setting of 3000 PPM. Users can select the setting they feel most comfortable with, or follow the user guide that comes with the gun. This guide tells you which intensity setting to select for which parts of the body, and for how long to use the gun in that particular area. 

There are no connected apps designed for the HoMedics Pro Physio, unlike those that accompany other massage guns such as Hypervolt or Therabody. So users hoping to improve their technique, or follow specific routines by using an app or Bluetooth connectivity, may be disappointed by this. 

The flat heated head attachment is just as easy to attach as the other heads, by screwing it into the opening at the end of the gun. LED lights flash red while it warms up, and stay red once it has reached 47 degrees celsius. This takes around 2 minutes of operation.  During our testing, we noticed that the head loses a little heat during operation and has to warm up again, so some users may be put off by this. 

The cooling gel head needs to be frozen for at least four hours before use, so it’s not the easiest attachment to simply pop on and use. It’s not clear whether the attachment can stay in the freezer on a permanent basis. If not, you’ll have to remember to pop it in at least four hours before you want to use it, which can be a bit of a drag. Once it’s pulsating against the skin, it quickly loses its cooling ability too, so we’re not sure how useful this attachment is. 

HoMedics Pro Physio review: performance

As with all our massage gun tests, we tested the decibel levels of each setting to see how noisy the HoMedics Pro Physio could be during operation. The gun comes with three speed settings:

Level 1: 2100 PPM
Level 2: 2400 PPM
Level 3: 3o00 PPM

At level 1, using the heated flat head attachment, the gun clocked in at 45 decibels. Level 2 was 50 decibels and level 3  was around 54 decibels. These are all around the same levels as a quiet library, normal conversation, or moderate rainfall. So while the HoMedics Pro Physio may be a little distracting in a quiet office area, it should be fine to use in a busy gym or while watching TV, without disturbing others too much.

Homedics pro physio massage gun

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HoMedics Pro Physio review: what’s good about it?

It was a simple addition, but we appreciated the fold out user guide that came with the massage gun. It clearly defined the target muscle group, what level the massage gun should be used at, and what type of head attachment should be employed for this area. It even offered tips on how long to massage for, and how many repetitions were needed. In the absence of a companion app or video tutorials, this was clear, well laid out and useful to refer to. 

We also enjoyed the heated head attachment. This felt super soothing on the glutes and quads after a run, and helped to relax tight lower back and shoulder muscles after a day spent hunched over at a desk.

HoMedics Pro Physio review: what’s not so good about it?

Compared to smaller, lighter massage guns, such as the Recovapro Lite or the Hypervolt Go, the HoMedics Pro Physio feels like a bit of a beast. We found it a little unwieldy to start with, and we did get tired moving it around awkward and hard-to-reach areas during longer massage sessions. 

While we had hoped to use the cool attachment after every jog or gym session, it wasn’t clear whether you can keep the attachment in the freezer permanently, to keep it cool. So you have to remember to pop it in the freezer at least four hours before you intend to use it, which is easy to forget. 

homedics pro physio massage gun in use

(Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

HoMedics Pro Physio review: User reviews

The HoMedics Pro Physio gets an impressive 4.9 stars out of five on its website from happy users. They particularly like the heated head attachment, the carry case, and the arrow head for targeting problem areas. One user said it has “done wonders for my shoulder and back after just a month.”

The massage gun also scores highly on Amazon, with 4.5 stars out of five. Although they like how sturdy and well-made the HoMedics Pro Physio is, some users do find it a little heavy during longer periods of use. 

Should you buy the HoMedics Pro Physio?

The HoMedics Pro Physio could be a good investment if you’re interested in using warmth and coolness to tackle muscle strain and tension, as well as massage. The massage gun is well-made, sturdy and performs well during testing. It’s a solidly performing piece of kit, if somewhat lacking in style. 

It’s easy to operate, and the user guide that’s included means you can develop and adapt your own routines instead of following along on a connected app or video tutorial.

However, it’s not the most portable of devices, so if you’re looking for something to throw in the gym bag at a moment’s notice, you may prefer something lighter.

If this product isn’t for you

If you want a massage gun that you can take anywhere, then why not try the Hypervolt Go? It comes with two attachments, and at 1.5lbs is lighter and smaller than the HoMedics Pro Physio.

If you’d like a massage gun that you can match to your gym kit, the Recovapro Lite comes in a range of fun colors, such as pink, silver, black and blue. It also comes with four attachments and an attractive carry case.

If you’re after a high-performance piece of kit, the Hypervolt 2 combines a powerful performance with a helpful app, to help you target your massage techniques and get the best results.

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