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Jaybird Vista 2 headphones
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Offering a great battery life and sound quality, there are many things to admire about the Jaybird Vista 2 running earphones. We tested them while working, walking, and at the gym, and we concluded that there’s a reason they’re on the list of the best running headphones.

We loved the companion app that’s available for both Android and iOS. It allows for presets for audio profiles, and has a Find My Buds tool that’s ideal if you’ve misplaced them. You can also track battery life with it.

Three different tip sizes were included with the purchase. If you’re running or using them at the gym, you can change tip sizes so the fit is more snug (so they don’t fall out!). The battery life is up to eight hours without the case and up to 24 hours with it.

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Jaybird Vista 2Was: Now: Overview:

Jaybird Vista 2
Was: $149.99
Now: $117.76 at Amazon
Overview: Jaybird Vista 2 earphones have an 8-hour battery life per earbud, which extends to 24 hours with the case. They take two hours to charge, and the driver size is 6mm. 

Key features: Bluetooth,  6mm drivers, 8-hour battery life per earbud, 24 hours with case, 2-hour charge time (including case), Charging Cable (USB A - USB-C).

Product launched: June 2021

Price history: This deal is the lowest price we’ve seen on Amazon in the last 30 days. We haven't seen them on sale at any other major retailers at the moment.

Price comparison: Amazon: $117.76

Reviews consensus: If you’re looking for a pair of running earbuds that offer great battery life, a customizable soundstage, and a flexible fit, you may just love the Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds.

Live Science: ★★★★ | Fit&Well: ★★★★ | TechRadar: ★★★★½

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Buy it if: You’d appreciate a pair of earbuds that offer great battery life. They can last up to eight hours without the case, and 24 hours with it. The purchase includes a companion app that allows for presets for audio profiles, as well as a Find My Buds tool. We liked that there were three different tip sizes, which means that you can fit them as snugly as you’d like.

Don't buy it if: There are a couple of downsides to the Jaybird Vista 2. We felt that the case was large and slippery, and was a little too easy to drop. Although they do offer active noise cancellation (ANC), we didn’t feel that it was as good as some of its competitors during testing. It struggled with more constant noise, for example, regular traffic passing by.

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