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Prime Day deal: Convert motion into light with a DIY hand-crank flashlight kit, 40% off

 STEM Lab hand crank flashlight kit
(Image credit: STEM Lab/Amazon)

Maybe you can't make your own body light up like a firefly can, but you can use the motion of your body to generate light, using the STEM Lab's Hand Crank Flashlight. With this build-it-yourself kit, curious kids can explore the power of hand-cranked electricity. The flashlight body and gear box motor can be assembled in about 30 minutes, and when the crank is turned, an electromagnetic coil translates the movement into power, illuminating a glowing white LED. 

For Prime Day, Amazon is offering 40% off the STEM Lab Hand Crank Flashlight kit (opens in new tab). It comes with laser-cut wooden parts, all the hardware and tools required for assembly and full-color, step-by-step instructions.  

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 STEM Lab Hand Crank Flashlight Kit (opens in new tab)| $33.99 $19.99 at Amazon

In about 30 minutes, kids can use this kit to assemble a flashlight that uses a crank to convert energy into electricity, powering a white LED. Suitable for kids ages 8 to 10. For Prime Day, the flashlight kit is 40% off (opens in new tab).

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Walking robot kit ...

Walter the Walker Robot (opens in new tab) | $54.99 $27.49 at Amazon

Learn about engineering and robotics, and make a new friend at the same time! This kit provides everything you'll need to build and customize a walking robot that measures 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) tall. The kit includes laser-cut parts, two AA batteries, tools to assemble the robot and colorful stickers. Safe connectors and kid-tested instructions will help to ensure that your robot assembly goes smoothly.

Suitable for kids ages 10 to 13. For Prime Day, the walking robot kit is 50% off (opens in new tab).

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