Save 50% on Grammarly Premium plans and do words good on your student essays

Grammarly Cyber Monday
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There are two types of discount shoppers — impulse buyers who buy things they don't need (guilty as charged) and the practical shopper who only buys the things they actually need and were going to buy anyway. 

However, the Cyber Monday deals are actually a great time to make more practical purchases — especially for students. This year, Grammarly are offering 50% off their annual, quarterly and monthly premium subscriptions. Grammarly premium offers a bunch of really useful features that you don't get with the free version, and the time and stress it can save you on your writing is incredible. 

If you've just picked up one of the Cyber Monday student laptop deals, or you're just looking to improve your essay game, Grammarly is a great tool that can boost the quality of your writing.

Grammarly Subscriptions| 50% OFF

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Save half price on all annual, quarterly, and monthly premium plans with Grammarly.


With this Cyber Monday deal the annual premium plan is a one-off payment of $72 (was $144) which works out to $6 a month, their quarterly plan is one payment of $30 (was $60) which works out as $10 a month, and their monthly plan is a rolling $15 a month (normally $30). 

No one wants to spend longer than needed on college work, right? Not only do you need to write essays and dissertations, but editing and proofreading them can take just as much time that could be better used elsewhere (less time editing, more time at the pub with your mates!?). This is where Grammarly could be a huge lifesaver.

Grammarly works as a browser extension, and you can apply it to other programs and computer applications, too, so you can use it on just about anything. As you write, it flags up any errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, to name a few, in real-time and shows you what you need to correct without you having to go back through everything and find it all yourself — taking the hassle out of writing and editing. 

It also checks for plagiarism and tone, making sure what you're saying is coming across exactly how it's intended, and will give rewrite suggestions to make your writing sound professional and concise. It's like having another person there reading your work as you type and flagging up any errors or ways to improve — only far less annoying. Not to mention it could also be incredibly helpful for anyone with dyslexia or any other learning-based difficulties. 

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