Gaze up at the stars with this Feiang telescope kit, over 50% off at Amazon

Feiang telescope
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Budding stargazers and astronomy experts alike can always be on the lookout for the best telescope deals, and we’ve found a great one over at Amazon.

The retailer is offering more than half the RRP off of a Feiang Telescope kit that includes everything you need to get started with astronomy, with an extra $10 to be saved when applying a coupon. That brings a $299.99 telescope down to $129.99, a saving of $170 with the coupon included.

Feiang Telescope kit - was $299.99, now $139.99 at Amazon

Feiang Telescope kit - was $299.99, now $139.99 at Amazon

Save $160: This telescope set includes a telescope with a 600-millimeter focal length and accessories including a wireless controller and carrying bag.

The telescope itself features an 80mm aperture and 600mm focal length to capture plenty of light and leads to brighter images.

The included eyepieces offer 24X and 60X magnification, with a 3X Barlow lens to magnify each higher. Whether you’re looking at the moon or stars, there’s plenty of headroom for magnification. There’s a 5x24 finder scope, too.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced user, you’ll appreciate the ease of setup – no tools are required to assemble the telescope, and the stand is easy to position while remaining stable. While we’ve not been able to test it, manufacturer Feiang offers a lifetime warranty, too.

As for the accessories, the telescope kit includes (alongside the additional lenses) a handy carry case for storage and transport, and a phone mount so you don’t need to keep your eye up to the lens at all times. In fact, there’s even a handy remote control to capture images at any time.

Plenty of positive reviews can be found on the telescope’s store page, too, with many noting the excellent value for money (prior to the discount found here!) and the ease of use. Many have said that it’s an excellent purchase for a new astronomer, and is ideal for both night and daytime viewing.

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