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If you have been considering picking up something new for 2021, or perhaps for the scientist, engineer or budding astrophysicist in your life? This January is the ideal time to grab some quality reading material that will last for the rest of the year!

Over at you can get 3 magazine issues for just $3, with titles including the world's best science, tech and space magazines. 

For more flexible deals, you can also grab a fantastic monthly rolling digital subscription, leaving you free to try a magazine and cancel any time. With a rolling digital subscription, you will get instant digital access, meaning you'll benefit from uninterrupted deliveries direct to your device and never miss an issue. If you change your mind, you can simply cancel the auto-renewal at any time, and you'll only receive the remaining issues for which you've already paid! 

Start your rolling digital subscription today for Live Science's sister titles  How It Works or All About Space for just $2.38 per issue!

For the history fanatic in your life, keep scrolling down to find offers on All About History and History of War magazines. From the real history behind the British royal family, to first-hand accounts of World War II battlefields, these best-selling magazines are your ideal choice for reconnecting with our fascinating history.     

Subscribe to How It Works

The perfect choice to feed curious minds, Live Science's sister title How It Works magazine is the comprehensive guide to the science and technology that shapes our planet… and beyond! Across 13 issues per year, the How It Works team uncovers the incredible engineering inside everything from household objects to high-speed vehicles. 

Each issue you can also come face-to-face with amazing plants and animals you never dreamed could exist, plus discover the wonder of planet Earth's natural phenomena and fascinating stories from our ancient history.

How It Works

how it works magazine

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Grab a subscription today and get 3 issues for just $3! or get the magazine direct to your device with a rolling digital subscription.

5 reasons to subscribe

  • It's your perfect companion for exploring the world around us, including the latest discoveries, technological breakthroughs and more.
  • Every issue is packed with a huge range of topics written by world-leading experts, including science, space, technology, history, the environment and more!
  • Get the latest book reviews, monthly quizzes and puzzles, and competitions.
  • Packed with fantastic features to feed your curiosity, each issue is a great read that will keep you and your family entertained while you're stuck at home.
  • You'll never miss an issue, as we'll deliver it straight to your door and device.

To learn more, you can read a FREE issue of How It Works today!

Subscribe to All About Space

All About Space is a monthly magazine dedicated to bringing the wonder of space down to Earth. In addition to in-depth articles (including some by our own team), you'll find detailed maps, space offers and dazzling images and illustrations of discoveries and missions. 

From the Solar System to the far reaches of space and time, All About Space's team of astrophysicists, planetary scientists, astronomers and astronauts reveal exclusive information via photography, illustrations and in-depth explanations every month. 

All About Space

All About Space magazine cover

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With a subscription you can get 3 issues of All About Space for just $3! To get the magazine direct to your device you can also take out a simple digital rolling subscription

5 reasons to subscribe 

  • From deep analysis of the multiverse theory, to the latest findings from missions and more, All About Space brings new discoveries to life through stunning imagery and expert opinion. 
  • Our editorial panel features some of the biggest names in astronomy, space science and aeronautics – from astrophysicists to astronauts! 
  • The latest telescopes and astronomy equipment are tried and tested, and our veteran astronomers will help you master your night sky observing skills. 
  • From amateur astronomers to budding astronauts, All About Space is perfect for the whole family to explore the universe from the comfort of home.    
  • Every issue is delivered straight to your door and device. 

To learn more, you can read a FREE issue of All About Space today! 

The perfect gift for historians

Whether it's the gladiatorial combat of Ancient Rome, the inspiring stories of the Civil Rights movement, or jaw-dropping veteran accounts of the Second World War, All About History and History of War are your perfect tickets to escaping this century and discovering more about our fascinating past. 

Every month All About History magazine takes you on a journey across the centuries, and leaves in all the drama and entertainment our incredible past has to offer. Each issue is brimming with vibrant illustrations and engrossing stories written by expert historians.

To learn more, you can read a FREE issue of All About History today!

All About History

All about history magazine cover

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Get 3 issues for just $3 with a subscription today, or save a historic 55% with one of our digital subscription .

5 reasons to subscribe 

  • Each issue leading historians from around the world share their knowledge and passion, through dramatic but authoritative storytelling.
  • Our unique illustrations connect you with history's iconic characters, take you inside ancient architecture and provide a bird's eye view of critical battlefields.
  • Read exclusive interviews with historians and authors, who provide expert insight into history's most critical moments. 
  • Entertaining and educational for the whole family, with the latest reviews and even historical recipes to test out when you're stuck at home.
  • Get every issue direct to your device or delivered to your door. 

Meanwhile, for the military history enthusiast History of War takes you through the stories, strategies, heroes and machines of armed conflict through the ages. Each issue features astounding and inspiring stories from battlefields across the centuries, including in-depth interviews with war veterans and military analysts.

History of War

History of war magazine cover

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Get a subscription today for just $3 for 3 issues, or save money and get the magazine direct to your device with one of our rolling digital subscription.

5 reasons to subscribe 

  • From the grand campaigns of Ancient Rome to covert missions of the Second World War, every issue covers centuries of military history. 
  • Our exclusive interviews with war veterans provide unique insight into combat and the realities of warfare from across the last 80 years.
  • Illustrated maps provide you with blow-by-blow accounts and crucial turning points of history's world-changing battlefields. 
  • Commemorate the real heroes of war, with each issue recounting a true Medal of Honor or Victoria Cross story. 
  • No need to go to the store with each issue delivered to your device or home. 

Don't forget you can find dozens of other magazines on everything from gaming and film to interior design, over at

Timothy Williamson
Editor-in-Chief, All About History

Timothy is Editor in Chief of print and digital magazines All About History and History of War. He has previously worked on sister magazine All About Space, as well as photography and creative brands including Digital Photographer and 3D Artist. He has also written for How It Works magazine, several history bookazines and has a degree in English Literature from Bath Spa University