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Ever wondered what would happen if you fell down a black hole or how to build a supercar? Our sister publication How It Works is the action-packed magazine that’s bursting with the answers to your curious questions. Below, you can read an issue for free: just scroll down, enlarge to full screen and enjoy!

Every issue is jam-packed with the most exciting advances in science and technology and features everything you need to know about how the world around you — and the universe — works. 

Get inside the latest iPhone, use science to learn tricks on a hoverboard, discover how robots could soon be administering your medicine, find out how your brain really works, take part in saving our world’s oceans and much, much more. 

Right now you can grab fantastic savings on subscriptions to How It Works, starting at 5 issues for just $5/£5/€5. 


OFFER: Get 5 issues from just $5/£5/€5!

How It Works has a special formula for making learning fun by answering questions on science, space, history, technology, transport and the environment with engaging articles, in-depth special features, global science news, and topical interviews.
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Jeanna Bryner

Jeanna is the editor-in-chief of Live Science. Prior to this role, she served as the site's managing editor, and before that a reporter for both Live Science and Previously she was an assistant editor at Scholastic's Science World magazine. Jeanna has an English degree from Salisbury University, a Master's degree in biogeochemistry and environmental sciences from the University of Maryland, and a science journalism degree from New York University.