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Best Prime Day board game deals: great savings on strategy games

Pandemic board game in play
(Image credit: Fair Dealing / Z-Man Games)

This Prime Day you can still pick up some incredible savings on board games to challenge, educate and entertain your family. There are a bunch of brilliant board game deals for all ages, including the award-winning apocalyptic strategy game Pandemic — now only $20.93, saving you over 53% on the retail price, or the Osmo - Genius Starter Kit  which you can now grab for just $90.49 — saving 35% on the usual price. 

Take a look below for a range of other fantastic board games deals this Prime Day. 

Pandemic board game: $44.99

Pandemic board game: $44.99 $20.93 at Amazon
Save 53% on this award-winning original, which challenges two to four players to co-operate and take on the global outbreak, moving around the world to contain the virus in a comfortable 45 minutes.

A Game of Thrones board game: $64.95

A Game of Thrones board game: $64.95 $43.95 at Amazon
You and up to five friends can join the battle for the Iron Throne in this adaptation of George R. R. Martin's and HBO's hugely popular fantasy series. This Prime Day you can save 32% on the base game. Valar morghulis!

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition: $25.00

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition: $25.00 $15.99 at Amazon
Fans of the rude, crude and downright shocking card game can bring the fun to the family table without risk of teaching any colorful language to younger players. Right now you can grab a copy of this 600 card collection and save 36% on the usual price! 


A Game of Thrones Mother of Dragon expansion: $39.95 $29.65 at Amazon
For fans of Game of Thrones, this board game expansion introduces House Targaryen to the struggle for the Iron Throne, as well as a new vassal system, adding to the strategic challenge. Requiring a copy of the base game to play, you can pick up a copy of this expansion and save 26%! 


Star Wars™: Rebellion board game: $99.95 $73.56 at Amazon
The battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire is played out on the tabletop between 2 to 4 players. You can save 26% on the usual price this Prime Day.

Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game: $20

Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game: $20 $13.99 at Amazon
Sometimes it feels like the end of the world: but in this prehistoric-themed game 2 to 4 players must help their little dinosaurs survive predators, hot lava and yes even meteors! This Prime Day you can save 30% on the base game – may the best dino win! 

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit: $139.99

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit: $139.99 $90.49 at Amazon
This bundle of educational puzzle games is designed to develop problem-solving, math, spelling and punctuation skills. Aimed at ages between 6 and 10, right now you can save 35%, which also includes two extra co-op  games, plus an Osmo iPad base!

Carcassonne (base game): $39.99

Carcassonne (base game): $39.99 $20.99 at Amazon
In this Medieval tile-placement city builder 2 to 5 players each take the role of a feudal lord, assigning workers, collecting resources and expanding their cities. Now you can grab a copy of the base game for only $20.99 — saving you a massive 48%!  

Timothy Williamson
Timothy Williamson

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