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Enter NASA's Winter Weather Photo Contest

Alaska National Guardsmen Work Near Anchorage
Alaska National Guardsmen clear a building roof in Cordova, near Anchorage, on Jan. 9. (Image credit: Spc. Balinda O'Neal, Alaska National Guard Public Affairs.)

If you've got awesome photos of winter weather, send 'em to NASA.

The space agency is holding a photo contest (entitled "Let it Snow!") to highlight its Global Precipitation Measurement mission.

The GPM mission is an international satellite mission that studies Earth's water and energy cycles. One goal of the mission is to improve the forecasting of extreme weather. "Let It Snow!" follows an earlier extreme photo contest. Find the winning entries of that contest here

The contest runs from today (Jan. 7) until Feb. 4 and the winning entry will be featured on NASA's Precipitation Measurement Missions website.

You can submit your photographs at the website for the photo contest. Here are the submission guidelines:

• Images should be in JPEG (.jpg) format in as high a resolution as possible.

• Please provide as much data about the image as you arecomfortable providing.

• Your name.

• Affiliation (e.g. school, community group, etc.).

• Location where photo was taken (country, city, state, latitude, longitude).

• Any other interesting details about the photo.

NASA reminds contestants to be careful when taking pictures of extreme winter weather, which can be dangerous to get out into and photograph.

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