Archaeology is fundamentally the study of humanity and its past. Archaeologists study things that were created, used or changed by humans. They do this by studying the material remains — the stuff we leave behind.
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Photos: The Bone Boxes of the 'Jesus Family Tomb'
Jesus, son of Joseph
April 10th, 2015
A new geological analysis strengthens the case that Jesus of Nazareth's bones may have once been buried in a Jerusalem tomb, though historians are skeptical.
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In Photos: Medieval Graveyard Unearthed in Cambridge
medieval graveyard, archaeology
April 2nd, 2015
The burial ground from a medieval hospital had been hidden for more than a century in Cambridge, England. Archaeologists recently excavated the graveyard and discovered hundreds of skeletons.
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Egyptian Artifacts Salvaged from Robbed Tomb in Israel
Collection of Egyptian artifacts
April 1st, 2015
In an underground cave in Israel, archaeologists unearthed 3,000-year-old Egyptian artifacts that had been spared by tomb robbers.
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Tombs Filled with Dozens of Mummies Discovered in Peru
tenahaha, young woman's skull, mummies
April 8th, 2015
Each of the tombs contains up to 40 mummies, ranging in age from babies to adults. The tombs were discovered at the 1,200-year-old ceremonial site called Tenahaha in Peru's Cotahuasi Valley.
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Medieval Graveyard Found Under Cambridge University
graves found in Cambridge
April 2nd, 2015
Archaeologists recently got a rare chance to excavate one of the largest medieval hospital burial grounds in Britain.
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Egyptians Brewed Beer in Tel Aviv 5,000 Years Ago
beer basin
March 30th, 2015
During the Bronze Age, Egyptians were making beer in what is today downtown Tel Aviv, new archaeological evidence suggests.
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Richard III Gets a Regal Tomb 530 Years After His Death
richard reburial
March 26th, 2015
Five hundred and thirty years after his violent death in battle, one of history's most infamous kings, Richard III, was reburied in a lavish ceremony in Leicester, England.
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In Photos: Hundreds of Mummies Found in Peru
tenahaha, 1,200 year old mummies
April 8th, 2015
Here's a look at images from a ceremonial site in Peru where archaeologists have discovered dozens of tombs, each filled with up to 40 mummies.
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In Photos: 'Little Foot' Human Ancestor Walked With Lucy
Ron Clarke and Little Foot skull
April 1st, 2015
Take a stroll through some of humanity's ancestors, including a relative dubbed Little Foot, which scientists have just found lived at about the same time as famed Lucy, an australopithecine.
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Medieval Parasite-Filled Poop Found in Jerusalem Latrine
Ladder into latrine in Jerusalem
March 27th, 2015
The excavation of a roughly 500-year-old latrine in Jerusalem has uncovered thousands of eggs from human parasites, including some that may have come from Northern Europe, a new study finds.
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