Save $700 on this Canon EOS R5, one of our favorite mirrorless cameras

Canon EOS R5 (body only)
(Image credit: Canon)

If you're looking for a stills camera, you've come to the right place - the Canon EOS R5 may just be the best around.

Canon is a regular fixture on both our best camera for astrophotography and best camera for wildlife photography lists, and for good reason - their snappers tend to be versatile, with impressive autofocus, and a form factor that's immediately familiar to pros and newcomers alike.

They can, however, be expensive (as with all the best things in life), but this Walmart deal knocks a huge $700 off of the body-only variant of the Canon EOS R5.

Canon EOS R5 (Body Only)
Was: $3,899

Canon EOS R5 (Body Only)
$3199 at Walmart
One of the best stills cameras you can buy, this Canon body-only option has a 45MP sensor and 8K video capabilities.

Key features: 45 MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor, dual memory card slots, 8K video capability

Product launched: July 2020

Price history: This deal is the lowest we've seen it at Amazon - but Walmart has dropped even lower with $3199.99. If that's still a little high for you, it's worth looking at this Canon EOS deal which remains active and is ideal for beginners.

Price comparison: Amazon: $3399 | Walmart: $3199.99 | Best Buy: $3399.99

Reviews consensus: One of the best cameras we've tested, the Canon EOS R5 is a powerful snapper capable of some amazing autofocus that makes it ideal for taking pictures of subjects like wildlife. It also offers 8K video recording, although there are limits on that that can make the R5 C more appropriate. Still, with solid battery life and an easily recognizable form factor, it's a winner.

LiveScience: ★★★★½ | Digital Camera World: ★★★★ | TechRadar: ★★★★½ 

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Buy it if: You want an easy-to-use, familiar form factor with versatile potential thanks to its impeccable autofocus ability - ideal for astrophotography. It's also got great battery life, and a solid IBIS system.

Don't buy it if: You're a beginner that doesn't need a huge megapixel count, you don't need two memory cards (they're pricey).

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