One of our favorite student tablets is $300 off at Amazon for Cyber Monday

If you're a student who's had your eye on an iPad but isn't keen on jumping into Apple's ecosystem, there are few options better than what Samsung is offering on the Android side. 

The Korean brand has been refining its Android tablets for a while, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ is a great example of the form factor done right — making it an easy choice as one of our best student tablet picks.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ has often been its price, but Amazon's Cyber Monday deal makes the 12.4-inch tablet much more affordable.

The 128GB version is now just $599.99 — that's $300 off of the MSRP, a third of the total price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ | was $899.99, now $599.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ | was $899.99, now $599.99 at Amazon

Overview: This student tablet is powerful and capable, and is one of the best Android options around.

The large display here has an impressive resolution of 2,800x1,752, making it ideal for just about anything, be that working on projects, playing games, or watching video content.

The S-Pen stylus is included, too, meaning you can draw or write on the screen without having to hand over more cash. However, the keyboard attachment isn't included, but you can connect Bluetooth peripherals to keep the price down.

There's also an ultra-wide camera for taking photos or videos, while the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside is lightning-fast in even the most demanding apps. There's even a huge 10,090mAh battery for long battery life that'll last you all day, making it ideal for multiple lectures.

All of this, and the tablet weighs just 1.27 pounds, making it much lighter than a comparable laptop. It's also running Android, so you have access to Google's Play Store and services at your fingertips, and it's one of the cleanest Android installs out there, free of junk and bloatware you'll find in other models.

Lloyd Coombes

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