Save 50% on the smartmi HEPA air purifier with this early Black Friday deal

smartmi hepa air purifier
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The Black Friday shopping bonanza may still be a month away, but you might want to reconsider holding off on big purchases. In the anticipation of huge discounts, don't miss this fantastic early Black Friday deal; the smartmi HEPA air purifier is now 50% off on Amazon, saving you a massive $110. 

The smartmi HEPA air purifier is truly one of a kind. If you are struggling with allergies, lingering odors, pollen or dust, this clever device can make a huge difference to the air quality in your home. Unlike many other similar devices, it is equipped with a H13 True HEPA filter that is claimed to be three times more effective than a traditional HEPA. In fact, it is able to clean a 517ft² room in only 26 minutes, making it the perfect choice for large rooms and bedrooms. 

The smartmi HEPA air purifier comes with two laser particulate matter sensors and an intuitive display, so you can keep tabs on your air quality in real time. It is also whisper-quiet; less than 30dB noise when turned on, the smartmi HEPA air purifier guarantees an undisturbed and comfortable sleep all night long.  

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The smartmi HEPA air purifier is equipped with multiple handy operating modes. 

You can easily adjust the fan speed using a manual mode, or you can allow the device's auto mode to do the heavy lifting for you. The smart air quality sensors will detect particles in the air and make adjustments to fan speed in real time. 

And during the night, the convenient sleep mode will turn off screen and volume to allow you rest without any interruptions. The smartmi HEPA also comes with a programmable 24-hour timer, so you can switch it on and off whenever you please.  

smartmi HEPA air purifier| Was $219.99 Now $109.99

smartmi HEPA air purifier| Was $219.99 Now $109.99
Get 50% off the smartmi HEPA Air Purifier with this early Black Friday deal. This clever device is equipped with multiple fan speeds, a H13 True HEPA filter, gesture control and flexible timer. Whisper-quiet and highly efficient, it is perfect for medium to large bedrooms. 

Established in 2014, smartmi is a fast-growing smart home appliances brand which, over the last several years, has earned the distinction of being a top air purifier manufacturer on the Chinese market. It beats some of its competitors by strongly focusing on creating high quality products that incorporate cutting-edge technology. 

This clever device comes with its own Mi Home app, and is highly compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. What's more, you can also operate it using only gestures. No need for bulky remote controllers — one hand movement can easily switch modes and modify the fan speed.   

The smartmi HEPA air purifier will also let you know when it is time to change the filter. And don't worry if you have children playing around — this device is equipped with handy parental control. 

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