Explore the oceans with this VR headset kit for kids, currently over $50 off at Amazon

 Let's Explore VR Headset
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We love VR, whether that’s for playing immersive games or getting a stunning new perspective on the world. The trouble, though, is that VR headsets can be expensive, and are traditionally marketed toward adults.

Thankfully, this VR headset from Let’s Explore, focused on exploring Earth’s Oceans, is ideal for would-be deep-sea divers and marine biologists alike. It offers the chance to experience an incredible nature trail through the ocean in an immersive VR experience.

Right now, you can get 50% off the Let's Explore Oceans VR Headset set at Amazon, bringing the price down to just $57.49. That's a fantastic price for this fun and educational interactive experience.

Let’s Explore: VR Headset - was $114.99, now $57.49 at Amazon

Let’s Explore: VR Headset - was $114.99, now $57.49 at Amazon

Take a trip into the ocean like never before from the comfort of your home with this VR headset for kids.

The headset works through a smartphone, meaning you’ll need to lend your explorer yours if they don’t have one of their own. Simply install the app, and then put the phone into the headset.

The set includes both virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, meaning some of the included activities will appear to take place within your home. There are six VR movies included, including swimming with sharks and humpback whales, while the AR experiences include examining the anatomy of creatures that live in our oceans.

There’s a handy carry case included, too, so you can take the set to wherever your adventures carry you. The headset itself offers a comfort mask and adjustable focus. It should work with users wearing glasses, too.

There’s also an accompanying 36-page illustrated book to accompany the experiences included, and it adds additional information for your little learners to enjoy.

User reviews are mainly positive, with buyers noting how adjustable the headset’s strap is, and noting their kids’ sense of wonder when reaching out to touch the sea creatures. Some noted how easy it is to set up as well. It’s worth noting that some users had issues with getting sound to play correctly, but that may be linked to having your phone on silent.

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