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Best board game deals 2021: Save on family fun

Board game deals asmodee mysterium board game
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There are plenty of board game deals to take advantage of ahead of the festive season — perfect for gifting over the holidays or just stocking up for your 2022 game nights! Board games are more popular than ever and a great way to get friends and family away from screens and around a table. From the classic games like Risk, or Ticket to Ride, to the cerebral in-depth tabletops like Gloomhaven, now is the best time to grab a deal to add to your existing collection, or to start one from scratch! 

It's not surprising that the strategy game Pandemic Board Game is a popular choice again among this year's board game deals — right now you can save a massive 52% on the base game.   

If you're looking to educate as well as entertain your younger kids over the holidays, why not check out our best science kit deals.

Best strategy board game deals right now

Best Catan deal
Catan: $54.97

Catan: $54.97 $35.20 at Walmart

One of the most popular board games ever, right now you can get the base game for just $35.20— making a great saving on Walmart's listed price of $54.97.


Ticket To Ride: France + Old West: $44.99 $34.99 at BestBuy

Experience the exciting world of the industrial revolution and the explosion of French culture in this fantastic themed edition of the family-favorite board game Ticket To Ride. And with $10 off with this deal, it's a bargain as well.


Betrayal at House on the Hill: $49.97 $27.59 at Walmart

A modern favorite for seasoned board game players, Betrayal at House on the Hill is a fantastic mix of strategy and horror. You can get more than 50% off at Walmart right now.


Gloomhaven: $139.99 $120.00 at Amazon

For the hardcore board game enthusiast Gloomhaven is an epic fantasy experience with lots of expansions to build on in the future. Get started with the main game with 14% off at Amazon.

Best family game deals


Monopoly: Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition: $26.49 $12.50 at Amazon
This fun twist on a board game classic means it will be appealing to the whole family and video game fans. It’s available from Amazon is available for more than 50% off right now.


Risk: $29.97 $19.45 at Walmart
One of the original strategy board games, Risk continues to offer a challenge to more advanced players. You can save $10 on a copy of it now at Walmart.

Best escape room game deals

$14.65 at Amazon

Thames & Kosmos's EXIT: The Game The Forbidden Castle: $14.95, $14.65 at Amazon
Grab this single-use at-home escape room game for one to four players. Race against the clock to solve riddles, puzzles and crack codes to escape from an imaginary room inspired by a medieval castle. 

, now $22.19 at Amazon

Mattel Escape Room in a Box: The Walking Dead: was $29.99, now $22.19 at Amazon

For fans of the ever-popular "The Walking Dead" show, you can save 26% on a spooky escape-room game with all the characters you’ve grown to love (or hate).

Best card game deals


Coup: $14.99 $6.99 at Amazon
A great example of the exciting field of social deduction games, Coup challenges to detect the traitors in your mix (or hide your treacherous intent). Get 53% off this excellent game at Amazon.


Dark Souls The Card Game: $50.01 $37.43 at Amazon
Much like the video game on which this cooperative card game is based, 1-4 players face a real challenge to survive against this game's enemies, collecting souls and treasure as you go. You can save 31% right now at Amazon.

How to choose a board game

Board games can be an incredibly rewarding activity and offer as much depth and challenge as you want to pursue, but finding the right one for you can be a challenge with so much choice out there. Here are some basic things to look out for.

Age range: An important question to answer is who will be playing this game? If you want to play board games with children, then making sure the game is appropriate for their age is very important. However, age range will also tell you a little about the complexity of the game. For new board game players, a lower age-range game might still be appropriate to bring them up to speed.

Number of players: How many people are going to be playing this game? Seems simple enough, but it opens up lots of different options depending on your answer. Some games can work as two-player experiences, while others really need six or more players for things to be really fun. Think about how many people are likely to be playing, but often more players is best.

Complexity: Judging how complex a board game is going to prove is hard from the box alone, but there are some easy ways to judge this. For instance, card-based games are typically relatively easy to understand and play and they don't require a board, much space or lots of rules. Something with lots of game pieces and a large board is likely to be much more complex. Cross referencing with the age range will reveal a lot.