Save $230 on a beginner telescope with this stellar deal

Celestron astro fi 130 telescope on a blue background
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If you're looking for an affordable, beginner-friendly telescope then this deal on the Celestron Astro Fi 130 may be just what you're looking for. 

Summer is on our doorstep, and clear skies bring ample opportunity for tracking the stars, looking beyond our own world and out into the cosmos. That makes it a great time to pick up a good telescope, and this discount makes the Celestron Astro Fi 130 well worth a look.

You can save almost a third off the MSRP (that's $229.95) at Adorama right now, bringing the Celestron Astro Fi 130 down to just $499. Perhaps just as impressive is that big box retailers like Walmart will match that price, as will Amazon, including free delivery.

It doesn't quite make our best telescopes guide, but the Celestron Astro Fi 102 (a variant model) does. Our sister site rated the Astro Fi 130 telescope for its "exquisite combination of new telescope technology and good optical prowess at a price that won't break the bank." during their full Celestron Astro Fi 130 review.

Celestron Astro Fi 130mm:was $728.95now $499 at Adorama

Celestron Astro Fi 130mm: was $728.95, now $499 at Adorama

Save almost $230. This powerful telescope integrates with your phone for interactive stargazing, and offers SkyAlign technology to give you a tour of the skies.

This sleek Newtonian Reflector telescope has an all-black finish that looks sleek, and when our sister site reviewed it, they noted it was already great value for money — even before this discount.

It's also portable enough for you to take to your favorite stargazing spots, and syncs up with the accompanying smartphone app to take you on a tour of the stars. That makes it a crowd-pleaser for your family, as well as a great way to get started with stargazing, although it's perhaps a little less useful without the app. If you're fresh to the hobby, though, you'll find plenty to like.

Celestron Astro FI 130mm

The Celestron Astro Fi 130 is now $499 at Adorama, Walmart and Amazon. (Image credit: Celestron)

Key features: Looks great, portable, impressive auto-tracking.

Price history: This isn't quite the cheapest we've seen, but it's pretty close to the previous low of $450.

Price comparison: As we covered above, Amazon is matching the price right now, and so is Walmart, so you can buy wherever you choose to shop.

Reviews consensus: Driven by a powerful companion app, the Celestron Astro Fi 130 is a little less useful without it. Still, it's a great entry-level option, even with optics that aren't the clearest, so while it may not be one for astrology purists, you may have plenty of fun with it if you're a newcomer.

Space:  ★★★½

Buy it if: You want a telescope that does much of the work for you, with clever 'smart' features. It's also nice and easy to set up and move between locations/.

Don't buy it if: You want to stargaze the old-fashioned way — you'll need the app here for the most part.

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