ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill review

The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill promises to fully immerse you in your next workout but the privilege doesn’t come cheap.

Image of the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill and a woman running on the treadmill
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Live Science Verdict

The ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill is an eye-catching and well-equipped bit of kit that suits just about any workout, with access to thousands of on-demand and live classes. But its tech can be tricky to handle, and you’ll need to cough up for an iFit subscription.


  • +

    Tons of interactive workouts via the iFit app

  • +

    Foldable for easy storage

  • +

    Challenging max speeds, and incline/decline settings


  • -

    Noisy at top speed and during incline/decline transitions

  • -

    Some minor tech and Wifi issues

  • -

    Bluetooth audio only

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The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill brings plenty to the table and comes locked and loaded with challenging on-demand classes and live workouts, from an array of trainers and famous faces. You’ve also got a whippet-like max speed of 22 km/h and challenging -3% to 12% incline and decline settings to play with. With dimensions of 59.6” / 77.3” / 35.3”, this treadmill certainly carries a presence, so you’ll need both cash and space to house it.


Dimensions: 59.6” / 77.3” / 35.3”
Weight: 263 lbs (in box)
Tread belt size: 20” x 60”
Max user weight: 300 lbs
Display: 22” Smart HD Touchscreen
Speed: 0-22 km/h
Incline: -3%- +12%
Warranty: 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year Labor
Workouts: Available via the iFit app - 30-Day iFit membership upon purchase
Other features: Bluetooth audio, wireless headphone connectivity, 2” dual speakers, iFit access, heart rate sensors, CoolAire™ fans.
Decibel reading: 76.5 dB 

We liked how diverse the exercise options were – whether you’re buckling up for a 60-minute hike in Hawaii, seeking a 30-minute full-body blast with Kayla Itsenes, or craving a Sunday wind-down yoga class – ProForm explores the world (and your limits). We could even connect some of the best running headphones via Bluetooth to send our motivation skyrocketing into each workout.

We rate the ProForm Pro 9000 as one of the best treadmills on offer. Read on for our full review of how this model fared under rigorous testing. 

ProForm Pro 9000: Set up and usability

Image of the ProForm Pro 9000 screen and display

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)
  • Set up and usability score: 3.5/5

This is a hefty machine to move around, and we recommend having a pal on standby to help navigate the setup. 

The ProForm Pro 9000 needs roughly 60-90 minutes of setup time and is designed to conveniently fold up and store away using a handlebar fitted to the base; ProForm has also included a simple foot-release system for unlocking and unfolding, alongside front-loaded wheels to help you lift and push. Other models of its kind, like the NordicTrack Commercial 2950, definitely take up more space, but you’ll still need a bit of room to comfortably fit this machine. 

Setting up your account is simple, and you’ve got the option to invite up to four mates or family members to join your account. We recommend designing your profile from the get-go so that the tread can capture your metrics more accurately. 

Downloading the iFit app to your smartphone is quick, giving you access to a vast array of live and on-demand classes, walks, and hikes. You’ll benefit from a 30-day free membership when you sign up, but you’ll need to cough up for the ongoing monthly subscription of USD $15 / £11.50. There is a free version available on your machine (in manual mode), which lists available classes for you to tackle. 

We found ourselves diverting to the help section when trying to pair our smartphone and tablet, but (according to ProForm) machines with a touchscreen console won’t pair. This makes sense as you’re essentially getting a superior experience on the machine console compared with your phone. There is some good news though – you can connect Bluetooth headphones or earbuds by going into workout mode and selecting from the connectivity options displayed on screen.

If you’re at a complete loss with tech, this machine houses a wealth of manuals, Q&A, and tutorials to help you navigate your way. Be prepared to lose your patience when it comes to the interface though, as we found ourselves frustratingly tapping the screen due to the delayed response time of the touchscreen. 

ProForm Pro 9000: Design and display

Image of the treadmill screen display and control panel

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)
  • Design and display score: 4.0/5

This machine is definitely a step up from its sibling the ProForm Pro 2000 Smart. Initially, standing on this treadmill feels like you’ve just stepped into an arcade game; you’re greeted with a beautiful crisp 22” color touchscreen display that houses a super simple dash with quick controls for speed, incline, and decline. On the lower panel, you can access further quick touch controls that allow you to adjust these settings gradually. The tread also houses CoolAire™ fans and dual speakers across the front to enhance the user experience.

Be warned short users – the (slightly) tilted screen isn’t adjustable. Our 5”2 tester found it difficult to view the screen when training alongside the treadmill on certain workouts, and if you have overhead lights then expect to struggle with screen glare. Tall users might struggle with the angle of the fans too, which hit our chest with a fairly futile puff.

This model comes fitted with a 3.6 CHP Mach Z™ motor and 1.9” rollers, generating up to 22 km/h of killer speed with considerable power, and without any jerky or jolting transitions. The 20” x 60” tread belt does feel a little narrow for bigger users but is otherwise roomy enough to really let loose at those higher speeds. 

ProForm has also fitted ReBoundPro cushioning in the tread belt to reduce the impact on your joints. We found the belt grip brilliant but didn’t get much bounce feedback – although it's definitely comfortable enough on joints for lengthier endurance runs. Other models like the Sole Fitness F80 are made with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck and shock absorbers to particularly support long-distance running, which is worth considering if this is your style of training.

We really loved the solid design of the Pro 9000 as it doesn’t judder when you’re hitting top speed, and the handlebars add just that little extra touch of support. The front of the tread belt is quite high, and our foot struck the base quite often during sprints. 

ProForm Pro 9000: Features

Woman's legs running on Proform Pro 9000 treadmill

(Image credit: Proform)
  • Features score: 4.5/5

Where to even start? While you might not be able to integrate with Disney + or Netflix, like with the Bowflex 22, there’s an overwhelming variety of workouts to sate just about any exercise appetite. So, whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or just gradually increasing your step count, you’re bound to be satisfied.

We tackled four different workouts with vigor, including a Live Recharge Jog with Ashley Paulson, a 30-minute full-body HIIT Bootcamp with Kayla Itsenes, a 60-minute Hawaii hike, and a hip-opening yoga class for runners (more on this shortly).

Your workout options span just about any location, country, trainer, experience level, and workout type; you can choose from yoga, strength training, cross-training, scenic walks, runs, meditations, fitness testing, and classes – the list is endless. You can also filter via the browse section if it all feels a bit overwhelming. 

The treadmill is compatible with heart rate chest strap monitors, which means you can track your heart activity throughout workouts. A feature called ActivePulse auto-adjusts your speed and incline based on your heart rate data and activates heart rate zones to work in.

Perhaps the best feature of this model is the hands-free speed and incline adjustments which allow your trainer to take control during the workout; you then have the option to manually adjust these to suit you, which kickstarts a feature called SmartAdjust (more on this below); you can hit ‘follow the trainer’ to resync with your trainer's settings at any time. 

Whether you opt for a manual workout or one of the preset classes, your workout metrics are displayed across the screen in real-time and include calories, speed, distance, and time. If you’ve opted for a manual workout, you can run wild with your imagination and tap into maps to design and draw your own route from scratch. 

ProForm Pro 9000: Performance

Woman runs on Proform 9000 treadmill

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)
  • Performance score: 3.0/5

The abundance of high-tech features initially got us pepped for a beasting, but we were more conflicted with performance. We found the touchscreen to be quite unresponsive (particularly when you’re sweaty) and it was frustrating to browse with a delayed response time. 

The noise of the belt was pretty dramatic during incline and decline transitions and mimicked the sound of a washing machine on its final spin. We then tested it against the NordicTrack X22i (a larger model) at the same speed, and the ProForm registered a higher decibel reading of 76.5 dB. 

Regardless, we loved how much speed and incline we had to play with; 12% incline allowed us to get our glutes and hamstrings firing during hikes and hill training, and the addition of decline felt like we were really mimicking our terrain. There was a wealth of speed available to hammer out interval training too. 

The volume mixing deck is genius (in theory) and allows you to separately control the master volume, trainers voice, and background music; we generally found the trainers voice to be a bit quiet on max volume, and the music kept cutting off 10 minutes into the workouts which we couldn’t seem to manually fix using the music controls. 

We love how much variety this treadmill offers. Gone are the days of pounding out 60 minutes of dull cardio while staring at your wall. Instead, you can split time between the treadmill itself and tons of floor exercises, with the option to bring your own equipment to suit your ability and desired workout intensity. 

We enjoyed using the live workouts feature – it felt like you were being pulled into the same room as your trainer; you can even contact them throughout the class by scanning a QR code on the screen. When joining the class, you’re automatically entered onto a leaderboard to really ramp up the competition and can track your mates here too. The ability to swiftly add live classes to your calendar is a brilliant design feature as busy people often find it tough to prioritize scheduling in exercise. 

Your trainer generally opts for lower thresholds, but you can manually override these to suit you. SmartAdjust kicks in after you change your settings, and is designed to read your selections, then automatically adjust your future speed and incline. Unfortunately, it overestimated our preferences a little, and we found ourselves frantically dropping back down or hitting ‘follow the trainer’ to get back in control. 

A nice touch throughout the workouts is the educational chats from the trainers. During our hike through Hawaii, the trainer talked us through some history and fun facts, as well as what muscles and joints we were utilizing. 

Regardless of the workout you choose, it’s definitely worth investing in heart rate monitors like a chest strap, and making sure your profile is up to date for more accurate metrics; we felt some of the stats (like calories) were considerably out on our workouts. 

ProForm Pro 9000: Value for money

  • Value for money score: 3.5/5

This treadmill doesn’t come cheap, sitting at just under USD $2,000. Although there are a few tech issues to iron out, the treadmill does offer a fantastic coaching experience and plenty of speed and incline options.  

ProForm Pro 9000: Verdict

Image of the ProForm 9000 treadmill from the front

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)

If you prefer to be coached and benefit from workout variety, this is definitely the treadmill for you. The impressive top speed and incline options allow you total training freedom, and the large, bright touchscreen provides an incredibly immersive training experience. The automated speed and incline changes limit the time spent fussing around, so you can concentrate on getting your sweat on instead. However, this treadmill doesn’t come cheap, and we felt some of the tech issues need ironing out before it can truly compete with other treads of a similar price tag. 

If this product isn't for you

We couldn’t get enough of the NordicTrack X22i. Granted, it's a beast of a machine – but if you’ve got the space, it’s worth the bulk. It’s smooth to ride with plenty of legroom to stretch the legs, and you can still access iFit membership if you require coaching and variety. 

If you’re seeking a budget-safe solution, the Horizon Fitness T101 could well be your match made in tread heaven. It boasts a 10% incline and is compact and foldable if you’re seeking to save space.  

How we tested the ProForm Pro 9000

We tested the ProForm Pro 9000 in our purpose-built testing center and scored it from 1 to 5 across the following criteria:

  • Setup and usability
  • Design and display
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value for money

This treadmill doesn’t come cheap. Its MSRP is $1,799/ £2,999 – although most retailers in the UK seem to offer it for £1,999. Although there are a few tech issues to iron out, the treadmill does offer a fantastic coaching experience and plenty of speed and incline options.  

Sam Hopes
Staff writer

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