Save £160 with this Garmin Tacx Boost Indoor Bike Trainer deal

Garmin Tacx Boost Indoor Bike Trainer
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Up your workout game for a bargain price, with this Garmin bike boost trainer that helps you turn your regular bike into an indoor exercise bike. We actually talked about an offer on this  last week, but the deal got even better since then!

Right now, you can pick up the Garmin Tacx Boost Indoor Bike Trainer on Amazon for just £89 – that’s a cracking saving of £160 over the RRP of £249.99.

If you’re a cyclist, the weather of late has not been particularly conducive to getting your bike out of the door. What with storm Dudley, Eunice, and then Franklin blustering through much of the United Kingdom in quick succession, most of us have been under the blankets on the sofa instead of outside exercising our bodies. But with a Tacx Boost Trainer, you can bring your bike indoors and turn it into a static machine. 

The Tacx Boost Trainer essentially turns your own bike into an exercise machine, allowing you to use all of its functionality without needing to be outdoors. Your back wheel simply clicks into place within the device’s flywheel, and a separate stand (included) holds your front tyre in place. This one even comes included with a speed sensor (sometimes sold separately), which means you can track your progress on your favourite cycling app just as you would on a normal bike ride.

Garmin Tacx Boost Indoor Bike Trainer - was £249.99, now £89 at Amazon

Garmin Tacx Boost Indoor Bike Trainer - was £249.99, now £89 at Amazon

The Tacx Boost allows you to connect your own bike so you can pedal away, right from the comfort of your own home. Similar devices retail for up to £1,000 and beyond, so this is a steal to get started with.

Better yet, additional functionality, like a resistance setting you can manually control, allows you to get even more out of a bike ride than you typically would. There are 10 resistance levels to choose from, meaning you can work as hard as you’d like – up to 1,050 watts of resistance. 

It’s small, too, measuring just 26 x 25 inches. On sunnier days when you’d rather actually be outside with your bike, it can easily be stowed away in a cupboard or under the stairs. 

There’s a lot to be said for the great outdoors, but sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house. The Garmin Tacx Boost Indoor Bike Trainer gives you the best of both worlds: exercise with your own bike, and still be able to watch your favourite Netflix box set. Win-win.

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