Amazon Prime Day: Best Deals for Science Lovers
Credit: CoolSand

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Amazon's annual Prime Day will deliver savings on thousands of products for Prime members on Tuesday, July 11. Live Science is wading through these products so you don't have to. For all those science and health geeks out there, here's a look at what we're watching right now. We will be updating this page throughout the day with our favorite science-y deals. 

SCOPOW Projection Lamp: Bring the cosmos down to Earth with this projection lamp that lets you decorate the ceiling of your room with twinkling lights. The lamp can be used as a night light, but also features varying color options and can rotate on its base, projecting stars and the moon spinning on the ceiling or a wall. The projection lamp is 69 percent off, at $11.19, for Prime members.


POWERUP 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion kit: Like making paper airplanes, revealing the power of lift and drag forces? With this kit, you can motorize those airplanes. The contraption can deliver enough power to keep your craft airborne for 30 seconds on a 20-second charge. The kit comes with directions for creating four different airplane designs. The conversion kit is now 41 percent off, selling for $9.99, for Prime members.  


NewYes 8.5-Inch LCD Writing tablet: Chalkboards have entered the 21st century, with the LCD Writing Tablet by Newyes … no chalk needed. You can write or draw on this liquid crystal display (LCD) tablet with the provided stylus or even your finger. The screen is pressure sensitive so the harder you push the thicker the resulting line. You can erase the image with the touch of your finger. Right now, the tablet is selling for $16.49, which is 43 percent off for Prime Day. 


CoolSand: Can't make it to the beach? Bring the beach (sand) to you, and it's the no mess version. CoolSand is kinetic, meaning that rather than sticking to you and your clothes, it sticks only to itself. In addition to being non-messy, this sand can also keep little hands busy. This stuff never dries out and kids will love creating shapes and other designs with it, or just feeling the texture on their skin. The CoolSand comes in 2-pound packages in various fun colors; it's non-toxic and for ages 3 and up. The sand currently retails for $16.99, a 32 percent discount, for Prime members.


Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit: What's the best way to get (or keep) youngsters interested in science? Gross them out, of course. With this science kit, kids can create slimy snot, fake blood or a stinky intestine — all while learning about body parts and biology. The kit includes 4 petri dishes, a magnifier, 4 cotton swabs, gelatin, sugar, baking yeast, food coloring, a rubber balloon, a plastic bag and a guide. (Recommended for 8+ with adult supervision.) The Disgusting Science Kit is now 45 percent off for Prime members, with a retail price of $7.47 until 3:30 p.m. ET.


SmartLab Toys The Inhuman Squishy Zombie: If the "disgusting science" kit isn't gross enough, perhaps brain-eating is in order. SmartLab Toys has a kit that will surely give your child goosebumps. Called the Inhuman Squishy Zombie, this kit includes a squishy zombie model with removable limbs and organs (of course), as well as a graphic novel. Kids can read the book and search for clues to solve a zombie outbreak mystery. According to the manufacturer, the model and book teach science concepts such as the scientific method and the differences between bacteria and viruses. It also fulfills a STEM requirement for science. The kinetic sand is now 60 percent off, selling for $11.99 for Prime Day. 



SmartLab Toys The Amazing Squishy T. Rex: If your child would rather peer inside a dinosaur than a gross zombie, check out this Squishy T. rex. The "king of lizards" comes to life, in a soft sort of way, with this model that lets you see the beast's organs and skeletal system. A book with facts about T. rex is included. The model is now 46 percent off, selling for $15.00 for Prime members. 


Strange, Unusual, Gross & Cool Animals: Have a kid who loves animals? What about a fish that can hock a loogie 16 feet? Enter the world of strange (and absolutely amazing) animals. This hardback Animal Planet book is chockful of photos and quirky facts about some of the world's wackiest organisms. The book is now 46 percent off, selling for $10.30, for Prime members.

Lunar Telescope for Kids – Explore the Moon and its Craters: This easy-to-use telescope is perfect for little ones wanting a close-up of our cratered moon. The telescope includes an 18X wide-view eyepiece and a 90X close-up eyepiece. It also includes a real meteorite from space. The telescope is now 31 percent off, selling for  $30.99, for Prime members. 


Real Bug Dig Kit: 'Tis the season to get outdoors, and if you're eager to learn about all the critters that share your environment, then this bug kit offers a way to meet some creepy crawlies. Kids can excavate three preserved specimens, including a scorpion, spiny spider and fortune beetle. The kit includes an archaeological digging tool, a brush, a magnifying glass and a full-color adventure guide with educational material written by teachers. For Prime members, the kit is now 22 percent off, selling for $9.35 until 1:45 p.m. ET today (July 11). 


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