This 'Alien' Coloring Book Promises Out-of-This-World Experience [Deal]

Alien coloring book
(Image credit: Titan Books)

Coloring books aren't just for kids anymore.

And with the release of Ridley Scott's "Alien: Covenant" in the U.S. today (May 19), this coloring book may be just what you need for a sci-fi-filled weekend. The coloring book will let you "enjoy" (or be creeped out by) scenes from your favorite "Alien" movies, without needing to watch all the films (or you could have an "Alien" marathon as well). Titan Books is now selling their 80-page homage to the popular horror/sci-fi franchise, "Alien: The Coloring Book." It's the official coloring book of the sci-fi series. 

From face-huggers to Ripley's trouble-seeking cat, Jonesy, the graphic coloring book depicts infamous moments and characters in amazing detail, leaving it up you to color each scene.

The book normally costs $14.95, but Amazon is offering it for just $10.37, which is cheaper than a ticket to see the new movie.

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