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What the Heck Is This?

what the heck image
(Image credit: Dreamstime)

This should be fairly easy to guess, so take a shot before you look at the hints.

Small hint: The inside of this thing is nearly white.

Huge hint: One of these a day may be good for you. The image is a close-up of an apple, of course. See the full-size image below and read more …

Indeed, an apple a day can be good for you. Fruits and vegetables in general are part of a healthy diet, and most Americans don't eat enough of them.

More specifically: A study released last week found a waxy substance in the peel of apples promotes muscle growth and helps prevent muscle wasting in mice. Scientists think the finding might apply to humans, suggesting that apples can fight some of the effects of aging.

A separate study in April found apples help lower levels of bad cholesterol and improve levels of good cholesterol in women. That means apples can help lower risk of heart disease.

Apples even improve health by acting like a toothbrush.

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(Image credit: Dreamstime)