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6 Times Holiday Decorations Turned into Disasters
Christmas Disasters
December 20th, 2014
Every winter, people decorate their homes and offices with holiday lights, ornaments, trees and tinsel. But none of these holiday pastimes is risk-free, as people — and cats, dogs and owls — have learned over the years.
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'Magic' Mushrooms in Royal Garden: What Is Fly Agaric?
The Amanita muscaria mushroom, which is deep red with white flecks.
December 12th, 2014
Hallucinogenic mushrooms are perhaps the last thing you'd expect to find growing in the Queen of England's garden.
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Quantum Teleportation Reaches Farthest Distance Yet
These crystals captured and stored quantum information at the end of the teleportation.
December 8th, 2014
Physicists have teleported a light particle 15 miles (25 kilometers), making it the farthest quantum teleportation yet.
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Mmm! Unraveling the Chemistry of Christmas Cookies
Christmas Cookies
December 19th, 2014
Chemistry makes Christmas cookies possible, whether crispy, chewy or cake-like in texture. Here's how the combination of fat, flour and sugar can become complicated quickly.
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Men Take More 'Idiotic Risks,' Study Finds
a man thinking
December 11th, 2014
In a tongue-in-cheek research article, researchers examine the gender make-up of the receivers of a Darwin Award over 20 years.
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Why Time Can't Go Backward: Physicists Explain
time, physics
December 3rd, 2014
How does time stop everything from happening at once? What mechanism drives time forward, but not backward?
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Mystery of 'Vampire' Burials Solved
November 26th, 2014
Six people who were buried as "vampires" in a Polish village were actually locals who may have been killed by cholera, new research suggests.
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Is This 158-Year-Old Redwood the UK's Oldest Living Christmas Tree?
The Wrest Park Christmas tree past and present.
December 18th, 2014
A cultural agency in the United Kingdom says it's discovered the oldest living Christmas tree in all of Britain.
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Two-Headed Baby Salamander Isn't Radioactive, But It Is Weird
A two-headed salamander tadpole.
December 10th, 2014
A salamander tadpole with two seemingly functional heads is born in Israel, and researchers are speculating that environmental pollutants or random mutation may have caused the defect.
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Why Men Love Lingerie: Rat Study Offers Hints
Rat lingerie
December 3rd, 2014
Just as lingerie turns on human males, tiny jackets do the same for male rats, a new study finds.
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