This Surface Pro 9 Cyber Monday deal can save you over $300

If you're looking for a versatile laptop that can convert to a tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro lineup has long been flying the flag.

It started from fairly humble beginnings, but after years of revisions and technological advancements, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 represents a pretty mature platform, running Windows 11 right out of the box. In fact, it's ideal for students since it's so portable and versatile.

The Surface Pro 9 comes in a variety of configurations, but Amazon has trimmed $302 off of the mid-level i5 version with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

That makes it $797.99 for the tablet computer — although it doesn't come with the Signature Keyboard, which you'll need to pick up separately. Thankfully, it costs less than the $302 you're saving here, so you're still getting a bargain if you add it to your order.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 | was $1,099.99, now $797.99 at Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 | was $1,099.99, now $797.99 at Amazon

Overview: This tablet can be converted to a laptop, but whichever way you use it it's perfectly capable of offering a great Windows 11 experience.

Note: You'll need to buy the Signature Keyboard separately.

There is an Intel Core i7 version available, too, and naturally, it'll offer even better performance, but the Surface Pro 9 runs well with the i5. Even the 8GB RAM is unlikely to be a huge bottleneck.

In fact, our main gripe here is the 256GB of storage. 512GB and 1TB versions are available, but at least you can use the included ports to connect additional storage. You can even plug in a few extra accessories if you have a dock, turning it into a desktop setup.

While the keyboard isn't included (you can pick a color when you're ready to take the plunge, which is a nice touch), you can hook up Bluetooth peripherals — so you can grab a cheap keyboard and mouse combo and you're away.

The possibilities are (almost) endless, and it's great for unwinding after a long day of lectures, too, since you can open Netflix, YouTube, or Prime Video and enjoy it as a place to catch up on shows and movies, or stream games via Xbox's Cloud Gaming.

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