Save $500 on the iPad Pro M1, one of the most powerful student tablets out there

iPad Pro 12.9-inch
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We may have said that the iPad Pro is a pricey piece of hardware in the past, but this deal goes a long wait to fixing that.

While the iPad Pro M2 is out now, it doesn't do a lot extra, making the M1 the place to find a bargain - and Amazon has one that makes it a little easier on the wallet for anyone looking for one of the best tablets for students.

The retailer has the iPad Pro with M1 and 512GB storage for $1099.99, marking a $500 discount. That's almost a third of the MSRP snipped off, but it only applies to the Space Gray version - so Silver fans are out of luck this time. There is also just shy of $50 off the iPad Air, if you want something a even cheaper.

iPad Pro M1 (12.9-inch) - was $1,599.99, now $1099.99 at Amazon

iPad Pro M1 (12.9-inch) - was $1,599.99, now $1099.99 at Amazon

Apple’s M1-powered Pro tablet is a fantastic tablet with an incredible display.

iPad Air M1was $599now $551 at Amazon

iPad Air M1- was $599, now $551 at Amazon

Looking for a smaller tablet that matches the iPad Pro for performance? This iPad Air is our recommendation for the best tablet for students.

The iPad Pro features a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, which is one of the best tablet displays around - offering backlighting that makes for stunning contrast by using local dimming zones. You won't find the tech in the 11-inch, either.

The M1 chip inside is the same found in the iMac and some MacBooks, too, so it's powerful enough to run anything you want on the App Store - whether that's running any professional design apps like ProCreate or LumaFusion, or playing the most demanding games like Genshin Impact.

iPadOS has seen big upgrades in recent years, too, with Stage Manager allowing true windowed views - blurring the lines between tablet and laptop. You can even connect it to an external display, too.

The $500 you save can buy you the Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil (2nd Generation), too - but neither are mandatory.

In our iPad Pro 12.9 (M1, 2021) review, we awarded the tablet 4 out of 5 stars and said:

“The iPad Pro 12.9-inch with M1 is the most expensive Apple tablet, but it’s a tough value proposition that’s wedged between the 2022 iPad Air and a MacBook”.

We love the iPad lineup, but Apple's tablets are getting further out of the realms of possibility for many buyers with price hikes at the low end and relatively small updates with the iPad.

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