Save 56% with this Garmin Enduro smartwatch deal. Hurry, before it sells out!

Garmin Enduro
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One of the best fitness trackers on the market, we’ve got a deal for you today that’s going to make you stop in your tracks. The Garmin Enduro smartwatch is discounted by a significant 56% at Amazon, taking the total price to under $500.

But why should you care? Well, there are a lot of reasons. First is the battery life. It can last up to 50 days in smartwatch mode, and up to a year in battery-saving mode. The solar battery technology means that the watch can recharge itself on your adventures.

The Garmin Enduro is lightweight and water-resistant. When we tested it, we appreciated the GPS functions. You can see your positioning at any point during your workout, and you’re able to retrace your steps during trail runs. It’s easy to operate too.

Now, there are other options for smartwatches. Check out the best Fitbits if you’re looking for an alternative to a Garmin. But, you’ll have to pay full price for these, whereas we feel this deal on the Garmin Enduro is an absolute steal.

Garmin EnduroWas: $799.99Now: Overview:

Garmin Enduro
Was: $799.99
Now: $349.99 at Amazon
Overview:  The Garmin Enduro smartwatch is water resistant, has an in-built GPS, and the battery can last a significant 50 days in smartwatch mode. 

Key features: 

Battery life: Up to 50 days in smartwatch mode

GPS availability: Constant connectivity

Water resistance: 10ATM

Display: 1.4in screen with 280px x 280px

Materials: Power glass screen, stainless steel/DLC-coated titanium bezel, fiber-reinforced polymer case

Solar charging: Yes

Connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT

Product launched: February 2021

Price history: This deal is the lowest price we’ve seen on Amazon for this product in the last 30 days. Walmart’s price is slightly higher than the price on Amazon.

Price comparison: Amazon: $349.99 | Walmart: $499.99

Reviews consensus: The Garmin Enduro is a phenomenal watch tailor-made for trail-runners and ultra-marathons, with Garmin’s full suite of advanced GPS features and its long solar battery life ensuring you’ll never get lost, even if you’re out for a full week of adventuring.

Live Science: ★★★★ | Tom’s Guide: ★★★½ | TechRadar: ★★★★

Buy it if: If you’re after a rugged trail-running or endurance sports watch that has a significant battery life, you may want to consider this smartwatch. Solar battery technology means the watch charges itself during adventures, and you get tons of features and health metrics. For example, you can retrace your steps during trail runs.

Don't buy it if: For those who have smaller wrists, the Garmin Enduro may feel chunky. During testing, we didn’t like that there wasn’t an option to store music on the watch natively. This means you’ll still need to take your smartphone with you when you’re running. We also felt that it was suited toward endurance sports so if this isn’t you, it may be worth considering another one of our best Garmin watches

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