Save 27% with the Sunny Health and Fitness Bike, now under $300!

Sunny Health and Fitness Bike SB1002 being used at home
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Looking for an exercise bike that looks and feels like a spinning bike you’d find at the gym? This deal on the Sunny Health and Fitness Bike is worth a closer look because it’s been reduced by 27% on Amazon for a limited time only.

We tested it ourselves, and we appreciated how sturdy the steel frame was. It’s easy to transition between resistance levels (there are 100 of them), and the flywheel offers a smooth and quiet ride every time. You can even use it first thing in the morning when the rest of the house is asleep!

If you’re worried about it being difficult to set up, we can tell you that we had it up and running within 15 minutes of unpacking it. The ergonomic seat is padded, and both the seat and handlebars can be easily adjusted for height.

For an alternative option, check out the best exercise bikes and best budget exercise bikes lists. You’ll likely need to pay full price for them, however.

Sunny Health and Fitness BikeWas: Now: Overview:

Sunny Health and Fitness Bike
Was: $399.00
Now: $289.58 at Amazon
Overview: The Sunny Health and Fitness Bike has 100 different resistance levels, standard cage pedals, and weighs 102 lbs 

Key features: 

Dimensions: 46.5” x 18” x 46”

Weight: 102lbs / 46kg

Max user weight: 275lbs (124kg)

Max height: 5'11

Display?: No

Resistance levels: 100

Pedals: Standard cage pedals

Workouts: Via the Sunny Health & Fitness app (subscription required)

Product launched: 2015

Price comparison: Amazon: $189.21 | Walmart: $289.58

Reviews consensus: This is an impressive spin-style exercise bike at a budget-friendly price that offers a satisfying ride for beginners and dedicated cyclists alike. It’s also well-designed, looks smart, and feels sturdy and safe once in position.

Live Science: ★★★½ | Tom’s Guide: ★★★½

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Buy it if: You’re in the market for a no-frills exercise bike that’s both quiet and sturdy. We tested it ourselves, and we love that it looks and feels like a typical spinning bike you’d find in the gym. It’s easy to move around the room, thanks to its front wheels. The ergonomic padded seat and multi-grip handlebars can be adjusted for height, giving you a comfortable ride every time.

Don't buy it if: You want a range of features with your exercise bike purchase. It doesn’t have a screen and it’s lacking an app with online content. It’s heavy, so difficult to lift out of the box and move around the house. Unfortunately, there’s no cadence tracker either, which makes it impossible to know what resistance you’re at or monitor intensity levels.

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