Pick up healthy 39% discount on this pair of kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great option if you’ve got space in your home for only one type of weight. You can use them in high-intensity classes or to increase the resistance of bodyweight exercises, making them perfect if you’re looking to build muscle or boost your cardio fitness and burn fat. And you don’t have to break the bank either — this two-pack of Yes4All kettlebells is currently 39% less at Amazon.

This Yes4All set combines two fixed-weight kettlebells (20 lbs and 25 lbs) so you can switch loads depending on the exercise you’re doing. And even if you’re new to resistance training, you can use the lower weight to practice your form before taking on the 25 lbs load.

Yes4All Combo Kettlebells | was $88.04 now $54.10 at Amazon

Yes4All Combo Kettlebells | was $88.04, now $54.10 at Amazon

Overview: This Yes4All kettlebell combo comes with 20 lbs and 25 lbs weights with wide, easy-grip handles for high-intensity exercises, and with a vinyl coating to improve durability and protect your floor as the weight hits the ground.

The weights are made from cast iron and then coated in vinyl to prevent corrosion and improve durability. It also means that it’s not quite as loud when your weights drop to the floor (although a workout or yoga mat will help to reduce the noise more).

Each kettlebell also has a wide handle, so you shouldn’t have trouble picking it up with two hands. This is important if you want to do full-body moves like kettlebell swings. And it’s slightly textured too, so you won’t need to worry about your grip and can focus on your form.

This 39% discount is valid on the all-black set, but you can also pick up the equivalent weights in blue for 20% less at Amazon if they're in stock. Plus, there are discounts on several other Yes4All kettlebells, so if you’re looking for lighter weights, you might want to pick up the 10 lbs / 15 lbs duo for $39 instead.

If you want to expand you home workout setup further, you can save on Yes4All’s hex-shaped dumbbells too. There are discounts on most of the range, but the 20 lb pair is currently down 16% to $54.30 right now at Amazon, so you could get two dumbbells and two kettlebells for just over $100 while the deals last.

James Frew

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