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Pandemic board game is 44% off this Cyber Monday

Pandemic board games in play
(Image credit: Fair Dealing / Z-Man Games)

The world has (understandably) become increasingly interested in epidemiology and the history of pandemics this year. With a lot of us stuck inside more than usual, it's also no surprise that households are spending their time with board games. 

This has all led to the popularity of board games like Pandemic, which right now on Walmart you can buy for just $19.97, saving you over 60%! Meanwhile, Pandemic: Legacy (Season One) the board game is available for just $49.43 from Walmart saving you 38% right now. In this board game players combat a global outbreak, competing or cooperating to save the world — or even lead it to doom. 

So if you've ever wanted to save the world, or perhaps you have the curiosity to create your very own maleficent virus (Plague Inc: The Board Game is now 22% off at Amazon), this Black Friday period is the perfect time to sweep up some great deals on board games that are going viral. 

Today's Pandemic game deal

Pandemic: $45.00 $19.97 at Walmart
The award-winning original sees two to four players co-operate to take on the global crisis, moving around the world to contain the outbreak in a comfortable 45 minutes.

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Pandemic: Legacy board game

Pandemic: Legacy also comes in alternative colors if players wish to play through multiple copies and experience the game's many different possible story lines (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)
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Board game stickers for Pandemic: legacy

As the game progresses and the story of the pandemic unfolds, players use stickers to mark changes to the global crises (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)
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Board game box for Pandemic: Legacy

Each in-game month new events will trigger, adding new twists and turns for players to react to (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)
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Pademic legacy board game player cards

In Pandemic: Legacy, players guide their own character on the frontline of the global outbreak (Image credit: Z-Man Games / Fair Dealing)
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Pandemic board game in play

Pandemic the original game in play (Image credit: Fair Dealing / Z-Man Games)

If you've always yearned to join the fight against infection, Pandemic: Legacy (Season One) the board game puts you at the frontline of a deadly virus, with players working together to discover countermeasures and cures. Two to four players cooperate with different characters (such as scientists, medics or researchers) who each gain new skills and attributes as the game progresses, and the disease alters and spreads across the globe. 

Each decision has permanent consequences as this legacy game unravels players' own unique narrative — no two play-throughs are the same and each move could spell global disaster! Using stickers and written notes, and even by destroying playing cards, your game is permanently recorded and ready to continue in the next installment of Pandemic: Legacy (Season Two), as the epic story of the pandemic continues. 

More pandemic board games

If you can't get enough of viral board games, there are a host of other titles to consider. If you want to explore the darker side of a pandemic, Plague Inc: The Board Game sees players plot the end of the world by developing and adapting their very own viruses. One to four players compete to develop the most deadly disease, starting from patient zero before spreading from city to city and even mutating or developing new symptoms to overcome vaccines and countermeasures. 

The original award-winning Pandemic board game (now 44% off on Walmart!) is a shorter affair, with two to four players co-operating to take on the global crisis in a single relaxed sitting. Expect the same intricate mechanics of the other Pandemic games, but none of the legacy elements or epic narrative arc, as players move around the world to contain the outbreak in a comfortable 45 minutes.

For an even more-simplified version of Z-Man Games' Pandemic series, you can also grab a great deal on Pandemic: The Cure dice game. This standalone version  features the same great turn-based strategy gameplay, as players take on different guises to fight a deadly virus, rolling dice to determine random world events that may help or hinder their progress. Take a look below for some of the top deals available now on these  board games. 

Pandemic: Legacy (Season One)

Pandemic: Legacy (Season One): $79.99 $49.43 at Walmart
Usually priced $79.99, Pandemic: Legacy (Season One) is now just $49.43 this Black Friday, saving you 38%!


Plague Inc: The Board Game: $44.99 $34.99 at Amazon
Based on the original video game that attracted over 85 million players, this Black Friday you can save 22%! Act fast though, as this deal may go extinct soon.


Pandemic: The Cure:  $49.99 $46.23 At Amazon
Save 8% on this stripped-back version of Pandemic — players roll dice to progress in their epidemiological endeavors.