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Teen Who Built Nuclear Reactor DQ'd from Science Fair

Conrad Farnsworth built a nuclear reactor in his dad's garage. But when it came to making the International Science and Engineering Fair, there was a bit of a meltdown. He was disqualified from attending because he entered into one too many science fairs in the wrong order, news reports say.

His "crime" was reported to the international fair by the former director of the Wyoming State Science Fair; presumably he would have been able to attend the competition despite the breech of a small technicality, because it would have gone unnoticed, Wyoming's Casper Star-Tribune reported. The Wyoming fair's sponsor said the director acted out of her authority, and she has since not had her contract renewed.

Farnsworth is one of only 15 high-school students to ever achieve nuclear fusion, and the first person to do so in the state of Wyoming. "He made it using parts he ordered online, traded with other fusioneers and created himself," the Star-Tribune reported.  

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Douglas Main
Douglas Main
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