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Isaac's Remnants Circle Back to Gulf Coast

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A very slow-moving disturbance, associated in part with the remnants of Isaac, will hover near the north-central Gulf Coast and cause more trouble this week.

Very humid air, combined with the disturbance will unleash downpours and the potential for flash flooding from part of the Louisiana coast to the Florida Panhandle.

With time, the core of the feature could wander over the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Since strong wind shear will drop in over the Gulf this weekend, the feature is unlikely to have enough time to develop a strong, low-level circulation.

Although remote, tropical systems can form in this manner. Alicia formed from a complex of thunderstorms moving southward over the Gulf of Mexico in 1983.

Moisture regenerated from even a failed, new system could then be drawn up along the Atlantic Seaboard over the weekend, enhancing downpours once again.

In the short-term, Southern Weather Expert Dan Kottlowski is concerned of severe thunderstorms kicking up along the west coast of Florida Tuesday night into Wednesday.

"A potential squall line of storms could quickly develop over the northeastern Gulf, drive southward and catch boating and fishing interests by surprise," he said.

It appears that the remnants Isaac has split into two parts with one feature over the eastern Great Lakes and the other along the central Gulf coast Tuesday evening.

At any rate, there is a continued risk of flash flooding from the lingering tropical downpours and any extra enhancement this southern disturbance provides through the week.

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