Nutrition Science

Eating well is becoming more and more of a science, with new research showing us which foods may lower our risk of disease, and which are increasingly pointed to as the culprits behind ill health. Researchers are looking to better understand how nutrients work in our bodies, with studies that analyze at the diets of people with heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, along with research aimed at helping people to lose weight, or maintain weight loss. From all this research, new advice constantly emerges for people who are dieting, or want to eat more healthfully. With news, features and reference pages, we will provide science-supported tips for improving your nutrition.
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Eating Potassium-Rich Food May Lower Stroke Risk
Sweet potatoes
September 4th, 2014
For older women, eating potassium-rich foods may reduce the risk of having a stroke, a new study finds. But only a minority of women seem to consume the recommended amounts of the mineral, researchers say.
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How Crafty Ocean Bacteria Conquer Food Deserts
ocean proteomics
September 4th, 2014
A small but mighty ocean bacterium can load up on scarce resources when food supplies run low. Scientists can track these bacterial proteins in seawater to detect low nutrient levels.
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Americans Are Eating Healthier, Study Finds
A man shops at a grocery store
September 1st, 2014
People in the U.S. are eating healthier now than a decade ago, a new study finds.
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3 Tips for Following Low-Carb Diets
A meal of chicken and vegetables.
September 26th, 2014
Low-carb diets are popular, and although they may help with weight-loss they can also affect health in other ways. Here are three tips to help you stay healthy while following a low-carb diet.
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'Fat Shaming' May Actually Lead to Weight Gain
September 10th, 2014
Harassing obese people, also known as "fat shaming," does not encourage them to lose weight and in fact can result in weight gain, a new study from the United Kingdom finds.
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Could Taxing Packaged Foods Reduce Obesity?
Woman checking labels on foods at a grocery store.
September 3rd, 2014
Taxing all packaged foods and using the revenue to subsidize healthy, fresh food could save lives and reduce health care costs, experts say.
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