The Amazing Human Brain

The human brain is the body's computer. Find out everything there is to know about your brain and stay updated on the latest news with the comprehensive articles and images of the brain at Learn more about this vital organ as scientists continue to make amazing discoveries about your brain.
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Memory Making Linked to Gene and Protein, Research Shows
brain’s hippocampus with fluorescent lighting agent

August 19th, 2014
Discovery of the Arc gene and its like-named protein is leading to breakthroughs in how memories form and are recalled as well as giving hope to developing treatments for memory disorders like Alzheimer’s.
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Concussions are Brain Injuries — Sit Your Kid Down (Op-Ed)
drug prevention talks
July 26th, 2014
After a concussion, kids may need substantial time to heal before returning to school.
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Where You Glance Can Reveal Feelings of Love or Lust
Eye-Tracking Data
July 22nd, 2014
There may be something to the cliché of lovebirds gazing into each other's eyes, new research suggests. A glance at a person's face tends to indicate romantic love, whereas looking at a person's body is associated with feelings of sexual desire.
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This Man Survived a Knife Through His Brain
X-ray image of knife in brain.
August 15th, 2014
It may sound unlikely, but a knife in your skull might not kill you.
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'Lucy' Thriller Revives 10% Brain Capacity Myth
A woman's brain appears to glow from within
July 25th, 2014
The idea that we use only 10% of our brains seems pervasive, and is on display again in a new movie. However, it's just not true.
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Scientists Demand Overhaul of Europe's $1.4 Billion Brain Project
A conceptual working mind illustration
July 7th, 2014
European scientists have called for the review of a major neuroscience initiative, criticizing the program for taking a narrow approach that they say is likely to fail.
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'The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons' (US 2014): Book Excerpt
The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons cover
June 7th, 2014
Brain injury has fascinated humanity for centuries, but true understanding did not begin to emerge until 1559.
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How the Brain Picks Punishments
A person rests their hands on the bars of a jail cell.
August 6th, 2014
When someone does wrong, whether we want to punish them severely or let them off easy is reflected in activity in certain regions of the brain, a new study shows.
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How All-Nighters Alter Your Memories
sleep memory all-nighter
July 24th, 2014
Sleep deprivation could raise the risk of developing false memories, a new study finds.
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Tech Sandbox: The Playground of Neural Engineering
Unicorns fly in a game designed by students at Tech Sandbox

June 25th, 2014
This University of Washington course and competition encourages students to create projects the incorporate the core principles of neural engineering.
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