Save $300 on this HP 2-in-1 with a stunning OLED display

If you're a coder looking for a new portable powerhouse, we may have found the machine for you. It's got plenty of power, a big display, plenty of storage, and it's even packing a 16-inch OLED panel for deep blacks and great contrast. 

We're talking about the HP Spectre 2-in-1, and while the Spectre range is known for being versatile and ideal for creatives, it can really do it all. Better yet, it's reduced by $300 off of the MSRP — meaning it can be yours for $1,699.99 at Best Buy.

HP Spectre 2-in-1 laptop: Was $1999.99, now $1,699.99 on Best Buy

HP Spectre 2-in-1 laptop: Was $1999.99, now $1,699.99 on Best Buy
Save $300 on this powerful laptop with a touch-screen OLED display.

The Intel 13th Generation Core i7 processor here is designed to give your machine enough firepower to run almost everything, meaning you'll be compiling and recompiling in no time. 

Add to that 16GB of RAM for handling many heavy-duty apps simultaneously, as well as a hefty 1TB of storage, and you've got enough at your fingertips to work on just about anything — all in a 2-in-1 that weighs 4.74 pounds. 

But the real showstopper here is its display, with a pin-sharp resolution of 2,840 x 2,400 pixels. That makes it a joy to look at, and that's without considering the fact it's an OLED panel, so it offers deeper blacks and more vibrant colors than conventional displays. Remember too that it's a 2-in-1, meaning you can use it as both a laptop or a tablet, and it takes advantage of Windows 11's more touch-friendly elements.

While we'd argue this particular model isn't best suited to gaming, it does include a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the box if you want to try out a few titles. Act now and save $300 on this fantastic 2-in-1 laptop with an OLED display at Best Buy while you can.

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