Apple has cut the prices of iPads for school season

Product shot of the Apple iPad 10th generation.
(Image credit: Apple)

Looking for a great tablet at a discount? We've got the deal for you.

The iPad is a regular fixture in our best tablets for students guide, and for good reason - Apple's slate of glass kickstarted a tablet boom, and it's been near the top of the wave ever since.

There are plenty of options to choose from now, and that choice just got even tougher with Amazon's latest iPad deals.

The retailer has cut $50 off of the iPad Pro 11-inch, and the same amount off of the tenth-generation iPad.


Apple iPad Pro 11-inch
Was: $799
Now: $749

Save $50 on the most portable iPad Pro in the lineup, with 128GB of storage.

Apple iPad Tenth Generation

Apple iPad Tenth Generation
: $599
Now: $549

Apple's latest base model iPad is a looker, with an all-new design and the camera finally on the right side.

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While there's a chance Apple will announce fresh iPad devices at its 'Wanderlust' event next week, both of these represent excellent options for anyone looking for a tablet in time for school.

The iPad Pro 11-inch features an M2 chip, the same as you'll find on the latest MacBook Air models. This makes it a tablet built for multitasking, ideal for anyone looking to start projects in the here and now, whether that's scribbling down some notes or running a full video editing suite like Final Cut.

The iPad (Tenth Generation) is a great tablet that suffered at launch from being priced too highly - something we'd argue this deal helps to counteract somewhat. It offers all the goodness of iPadOS, and is the first iPad with the FaceTime camera on the landscape side (thank you, Apple).

Both have Apple Pencil support, but you'll need the first gen for the tenth gen iPad, and the second version for the iPad Pro.

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