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Best Reusable Grocery Bags

Save the planet by ditching the paper and plastic, and using one of these eco-friendly reusable shopping bags.

(Image: © Lotus)

One of the best ways to help save the planet is to reduce the use of plastic. Reusable shopping bags are a great place to start because plastic bags tend to be the most used and tossed item in our landfills. Here are some of the best reusable shopping bags. The BeeGreen Ripstop grocery bags is our top pick. They hold a lot of items, are reinforced to avoid tearing and fold up small enough to slip into your front jeans pocket. 

Best Overall

(Image credit: BeeGreen)

BeeGreen Ripstop Grocery Bags, Set of 6

Large bags hold a lot

BeeGreen reusable shopping bags come in a set of six. Each one holds up to 50 pounds and is made to withstand rips. 


  •  Holds up to 50 pounds 
  •  Easy carry design
  •  No tear seams and fabric
  •  Folds small enough to fit in your pocket


  •  No closures

BeeGreen makes some of the best reusable bags and these Ripstop grocery bags are some of their best sellers. Made from a lightweight fabric, each seam is reinforced so they don’t rip during use. The straps are made from the same, continuous piece of fabric as the tote itself, which means you don’t have to worry about putting additional strain on any seams as you fill and carry your groceries in them. These bags easily hold up to 50 pounds.

When not in use, these BeeGreen bags fold up so small they can be slipped into your pocket or your purse. This makes it easy to transport for quick shopping trips or to store in your purse or car’s glove box in between grocery runs. The only thing missing is any way to close these bags once filled. Instead, the top remains open, exposing your items to rain and other inclement weather. These bags can be washed in your washing machine.

Best Insulated Bags

(Image credit: VENO BAG)

VENO BAG Insulated Grocery Bag, 2 Pack

Keep it hot or cold

These insulated bags will keep cold items cool for a long time as you make your way home. They work for hot items, too. 


  •  For hot or cold foods 
  •  Holds 30 pounds
  •  Double zipper closure 
  •  Flat bottom


  •  Can’t carry over the shoulder 
  •  Easy to overfill
  •  Not machine washable

These are the best insulated shopping bags because they do a good job of keeping perishables cold. But because of the insulation, these bags can be used to keep hot items warm, too. These bags by VENO BAG each hold 30 pounds of food. That is nearly 8 gallons of milk or 40 soup cans. The double strap design help distribute weight so it’s easier to carry once full. The top is secured with two zippers and the flat bottoms keep the bags upright when set on the ground, or in the trunk of your car.

Because of how it is designed, the insulating material shouldn’t be placed inside a washing machine. Instead, these bags can be wiped down with a damp cloth if they get dirty.

Best Zippered Bags

(Image credit: DALIX)

DALIX Heavy Duty Canvas Tote

Classy and useful

This stylish bag zips close to keep everything secured inside. It’s designed to look fashionable and can double as a purse or beach bag 


  •  Reinforced seams to prevent tearing
  •  Zips closed
  •  Outer pocket
  •  Stylish colors and design


  •  Expensive
  •  Doesn’t hold a lot
  •  Not very deep

The best part of this canvas tote from DALIX is that you can zip it closed so no one will know what you’re carrying around. It is made from heavy-duty canvas with a nice design the will match your outfit, plus the outside pocket is a good place to store your sunglasses, wallet, or other small items so they don’t get lost as you shop. Because of its classic design, this reusable bag can easily be used as a large purse or handbag, and it comes in 10 different colors.

The DALIX bag is only 12 inches deep, which isn’t a lot if you need to do a lot of shopping. It’s also fairly expensive. Other reusable shopping bags include multiple bags for the same price as one of these totes.

Best Cart Bags

(Image credit: Lotus)

Lotus Trolley Bags, Set of 4

Shop and bag

These bags hang across your shopping cart so you can fill them as you shop. After you check out, grab the handles and go. 


  •  Fits in most shopping carts 
  •  Includes egg and wine holders 
  •  Insulated lined bags 


  •  Doesn’t work with wide carts 
  •  Must unload for final purchasing 
  •  Limited to four bags 

These reusable grocery bags by Lotus are designed to hang inside your shopping cart much like file dividers hang inside of a filing cabinet. As you shop, simply place your items in one of the bags so you always know how full they are getting. One of the bags in this Trolley Bags set is insulated for cold items. Another has pockets sewn inside that conveniently hold egg cartons and wine bottles. Each one is a different color so you can easily keep the meat away from cleaning products or heavy items separated from delicate foods, like bread.

Unless your grocery store offers a shopping program that lets you scan items as you place them in your cart, you will need to empty out your bags in order to check out. Because your items are already separated, it isn’t too hard to place them on the checkout counter in the order you wish to rebag them. Also, the bags don’t fit in wider carts found in most warehouse-style shopping centers like Sam’s Club or Costco. But they can be filled and use at checkout like traditional reusable grocery bags.

Best Produce Bags

(Image credit: Ecowaare)

Ecowaare Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

For fruits and veggies

Skip the store bags and bring your own to hold your fruits and veggies. These lightweight bags are machine washable. 


  •  Easy to scan barcodes through 
  •  Different sizes for different produce 
  •  Drawstring closure 


  •  Some larger produce won’t fit 

Most people think of large bags when you say reusable shopping bags. But these mesh produce bags are just as handy and helpful for the environment. These bags are lightweight with pull string closures and are clear enough you can scan bar codes through them. Once you get your produce home, you don’t need to remove it before storing it, plus the mesh material lets you wash your fruits and vegetables within the bag itself. And after you’re done these bags can be tossed into the washing machine to clean.

You get three different, color-coded sizes with this 15 count bundle. But even with this variety, its biggest bags only hold items just under 17 inches in height. This means you may not be able to fit some vegetables, like celery, or even melons into a bag

Become more environmentally friendly 

A single person uses, on average, 220 pounds of plastic each year, and a good portion of that is the plastic grocery bags at supermarkets. Using a reusable shopping bag will cut down single-use bag use between 100 and 700 bags per person each year. The BeeGreen Ripstop Grocery Bags are good shopping bags to invest in. These are made to last without tearing and hold up to 50 pounds of groceries per bag. They come in a pack of six with different colors and fun prints to make shopping even more fun. While they don’t have the flat cardboard piece to hold the bag open, they have a wide mouth to make it easier to get everything inside. And the straps are really wide so that you can sling them over your shoulder rather than carry them by hand. 

When they get dirty, you can wash the BeeGreen reusable grocery bags in your washing machine, plus they fold-up really small to fit in your purse, glove box, or even your pants pocket until you need them. To make an even bigger dent in the plastic pollution statistics, consider also using the Ecowaare Reusable Mesh Produce Bags when shopping for produce. These mesh bags are clear enough to scan bar codes through them and, like the BeeGreen shopping bags, are machine washable.