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From the military conquests of Ancient Rome, to the high-speed dog fights of the Second World War, History of War magazine takes you through the stories, strategies, heroes and machines of armed conflict across the centuries. 

In each issue, History of War brings you some of the most astounding and inspiring stories from conflicts from all eras of history. Inside you'll also find exclusive, in-depth interviews with war veterans, as well as expert analysis from some of the world's leading military historians.

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History of War magazine regularly features interviews with war veterans, passing on their unique memories and connecting you with their incredible first-hand experiences of combat. Each issue, the Operator's Handbook feature takes you inside the greatest military machines to grace the battlefield; plus our Great Battles feature recounts the most critical clashes from across the centuries.  

OFFER: Save 50% on a History of War subscription

OFFER: Save 50% on a History of War subscription
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History of War magazine

From the epic sieges of Medieval Europe to the daring dogfights of World War II, History of War takes you inside the minds of fighting men, under the bonnets of some of the world’s most devastating war machines, and high above the battlefield to see the broad sweep of conflict as it happened. Subscribe to the magazine here