Bitvae C2 Water Flosser review

The Bitvae C2 aims to make water flossing easy, convenient and affordable, but can it compete with more expensive options?

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Live Science Verdict

With strong cleaning power, portability, and an affordable price, the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser is an excellent choice for effective and convenient oral hygiene.


  • +

    Very affordable

  • +

    Powerful pressure

  • +

    Long battery life


  • -

    Tongue scraper seems superfluous

  • -

    No orthodontic tips supplied

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The Bitvae C2 Water Flosser aims to make water tooth flossing easy, convenient and affordable. This oral irrigator stands out with its detachable, wide-mouth water tank that allows easy cleaning. It also has a large 10oz-capacity (300ml) water reservoir so there is no need for constant refilling, and its advanced battery lasts up to 40 days on the lowest setting. 

More ergonomic than traditional water flossers, the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser is comfortable to use at home or on the go. It is compact, thoughtfully designed, and comes with a handy USB charging cable.  

With the focus on improved cleaning and portability, this water flosser could be the ideal solution for keeping teeth and gums healthy. The C2 model has five classic jet nozzles and one tongue scraper nozzle to keep your teeth and tongue squeaky clean. 

Bitvae recommends changing your jet nozzle every three months, so the five heads mean you have around 15 months of use before buying replacement nozzles.

Essential information

40-day battery life
10 oz (300 ml) water reservoir
USB charging
60-second cleaning time
Three pressure modes
Ergonomic design
Five jet nozzles
Tongue scraper nozzle
One-year warranty

For this review, we tried out the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser at home for a week. We put it through its paces and tested how well it cleaned hard-to-reach areas, taking into account battery life, design, and ease of use. We also checked a number of online user reviews to see how others rated it.

If you're unsure whether the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser suits you, check out our guide to the best water flossers. Plus, get expert advice on how to floss your teeth and how often you should floss

Bitvae C2 Water Flosser: Design

Review photo of the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser on a shelf in the bathroom

The Bitvae C2 has a functional, no-nonsense design that will blend in with most bathroom decors. (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

The cordless Bitvae C2 Water Flosser is available in nine colors, including black, white and quartz pink, so you can easily find a shade that suits your bathroom decor. This simple, ergonomically designed water flosser is easy to hold as you move the jet tip around your teeth and gums. 

We used the black colorway, and while it won't win any style awards, the overall look and feel are pretty good. The top of the water flosser — as in where you grip the device — is made of matt black plastic. It features an area of raised dots along the back to ensure a grip that is comfortable and solid, even if it gets wet. Below these dots is the charging point, covered by a rubber seal. 

At the front are the controls, including a power and pressure button. Three small LED lights indicate the water pressure you set before turning the flosser on. Beneath the pressure button is a handy battery life indicator.

The generously sized 10 oz (300 ml) water reservoir is made of smoked grey plastic, which allows you to check how much water is left and whether you need to refill if you want a more extended floss. Within this reservoir sits the tube that sucks the water out of the reservoir and into the clear plastic jet nozzle at the top. You can click the nozzle into place to secure it, and when you want to remove or replace the nozzle, you can press the button beside it to unlock. At the base of the water reservoir is a little flip door that you can open to empty or refill the reservoir as needed.

While a travel case isn't provided, Bitvae includes no fewer than five nozzles plus a tongue scraper nozzle, so there's no need to worry about finding replacements or purchasing extra nozzles for family members. 

No adapter is provided, so you'll need to charge it via a USB charging point or your own adapter. We didn't consider it an issue, though. In fact, it saved us some hassle.

Overall, we would say the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser offers a functional, no-nonsense design that does its job well. 

Bitvae C2 Water Flosser: Functionality

Review photo of the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser

The 10 oz (300 ml) water reservoir holds enough water to floss for 60 seconds. The device can be charged using a DC to USB cable (supplied). (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

It's pretty easy to use the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser straight out of the box, as it comes with some charge already. You open the water reservoir by twisting the handset counterclockwise and pulling it up, or use the little flap in the reservoir. 

The five jet flossing tips and the tongue scraper tip are equally easy to plug into the top of the water flosser, and the simple two-button control allows you to quickly set your pressure level and power on the oral irrigator. 

At the base of the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser is the 10 oz (300 ml) reservoir, which holds enough water to floss your mouth for at least 60 seconds. Using a stopwatch, we tested how long each pressure setting lasts.

Newcomers to water flossing may prefer to start on the lowest pressure setting and build up to the strongest pressure. Water flossing can sometimes cause gum bleeding at the start, so watch out for this. We found the highest pressure comfortable during testing, but we did precede it with a couple of sessions on the soft setting.

During early testing, we tended to power off the water flosser inadvertently, or change the pressure setting by accident. That is because the hand grips the flosser at that point. However, it became easier to avoid doing this with further use and practice. 

The manual that comes with the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser is easy to understand and provides all the info you need to get up and running with your new water flosser. It also tells you at what angle to position the flosser to your teeth and gums (90 degrees), and how to direct it along the teeth. 

However, essential advice on keeping your water flosser clean and bacteria-free is scant. It simply says to drain the water reservoir and dry it with a cloth between uses. 

Apart from that, the wide neck of the water reservoir allows you to get into it easily with a cloth to clean it out. 

Bitvae C2 Water Flosser: Performance

We enjoyed using the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser, especially after eating. Any debris is quickly and effortlessly pushed out, and you can see it in the basin for yourself. The jet is slim enough to reach the back of the mouth and move around the teeth and gumline with precision.

Using the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser before brushing gives the teeth a clean and polished feel. We noticed the difference immediately after our first session, and we'll happily continue using this as our water flosser post-review. It's waterproof as well, so you can use it in the shower or the bath without worrying about water damage. 

It's difficult to say whether the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser would suit people with crowns, or who wear orthodontic braces. Still, we don't see why it wouldn't be suitable, as the jet of water should easily get behind and around wires and brackets. 

Review photo of the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser in the author's hand

The LED lights indicate the water pressure level before you turn it on. (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

Charging it up is easy — we plugged it into a laptop to charge while we worked. It takes around four hours for a full charge, which lasts 40 days if you use the water flosser on its lowest pressure setting and fewer if you prefer a higher pressure.

We didn't enjoy using the tongue scraper provided with the Bitvae. It's just a simple plastic scraper, and the jet of water doesn't appear to do anything other than provide some water to rinse. You could get the same clean from any basic plastic tongue scraper.

Bitvae C2 Water Flosser review: What’s good about it?

We loved that the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser comes in no fewer than nine colors, which widens its appeal. Its affordability makes it a compelling choice for those who want to start using a water flosser but aren't keen on shelling out for an expensive Waterpik or similar. 

We also enjoyed how simple and easy it was to use, and the large reservoir means that we didn't usually need to refill during flossing. The fact that it's cordless and has a 40-day battery life means that it's easy to take on holiday or even take to the office if you want to.

Bitvae C2 Water Flosser review: What’s not so good about it?

In the manual, we would have liked more information on keeping the water reservoir clean and free from harmful microbes. A wider range of jet nozzles might have been nice, too, as some water flossers offer orthodontic tips suitable for crowns or braces. However, given its affordable price, it's reasonable that the Bitvae offers a basic jet nozzle.

We could say it's a little loud if we wanted to be picky. The lowest pressure setting clocks in at around 58 dB, while the highest is about 63 dB — but that's roughly the same level as normal conversation.

Review photo of the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser

The placement of the power button is a little bit awkward to begin with — we accidentally turned it off a few times. (Image credit: Joanne Lewsley)

Bitvae C2 Water Flosser review: User reviews

The Bitvae C2 Water Flosser has some loyal fans on Amazon, achieving a remarkable 4.3 out of 5 stars based on over 10,000 ratings. More than two-thirds of purchasers give it the full five stars.

Users like how it gives a deep, clean feeling and that it's easy to take on vacation or use outside the home. They also love its long battery life, ease of assembly and intuitive design. One user says, "It works really well at getting stuff from between your teeth. No more painful plastic or string flossers that hurt my gums. Great product for the price."

It's hard to find negative reviews on this flosser, but some users say they wished it came with a case for storing the handset and all the jet nozzles. Others say they tend to turn it off by accident because of the placement of the power button (which we found to begin with as well). 

Quite a few users remark that it can get messy during use because of the high-pressure setting, with one saying, "The button to turn this thing on is in a horrible spot. It's exactly where you want to twist the flosser to open the water tank. I've had it for less than two weeks, and I have shot water all over the bathroom at least 10 times. It's so easy to turn it on accidentally."

Overall, though, the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser is a hit with the people who use it daily.  

Should you buy the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser?

If you're looking for an affordable water flosser that's easy to use, lasts for ages and has a good range of pressure, you can't go wrong with the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser. We think it's a great buy. 

If the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser product isn't for you

If you prefer to stick with a premium water flosser brand, the Waterpik Ultra water flosser has plenty to offer for a higher price. It features 10 pressure settings, gives 90 seconds of continuous cleaning and is approved by the American Dental Association. However, you will need to plug it into a shaver socket, so it's not suitable for use in the shower.

Another budget-friendly water flosser to try is the Oclean W10 water flosser. It has a battery life of up to 30 days, five pressure settings and a two-year warranty. The water reservoir is smaller than the Bitvae C2 Water Flosser, but its compact size could be ideal if you're always on the move. 

If you, or someone in your family, wears braces, the Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 5000's innovative X-shaped water stream will give a particularly thorough clean. It also features 10 pressure settings, pulse wave technology to guide you from tooth to tooth, and a very generous 18.6 oz (550 ml) reservoir. You'll find it in our best water flossers guide.

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