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Man Runs 7 Marathons in 5 Days

Richard Donovan, a 42-year-old from Ireland, is as close to being the real Forrest Gump as anyone.

Running to raise money for a charity called Goal, which works to ease suffering in Darfur, Donovan ran seven marathons on seven continents. If you know your continents, you know that's a challenge. More: He did it in 5 days.

The order of Donovan's insanity, which began Jan. 31:

  • Antarctica
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dubai
  • London
  • Toronto
  • Santiago, Chile
  • Sydney, Australia

"What he did was staggering, quite remarkable," John O'Shea, the charity's founder and chief executive, told the news agency AFP.

To prove he's human, Donovan took airline flights between destinations. To keep it real, he flew coach.

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