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Texas Tornado Caught on Video

Tornado over Millsap, Texas
A screenshot from a video of a tornado over the town of Millsap, Texas, taken by storm chaser Greg Kourounis on May 15, 2013. (Image credit: Screenshot, gkourounis @YouTube)

A series of tornadoes tore through towns in Texas last night (May 15), leaving a string of damage, dozens of injuries and six confirmed fatalities in its wake, according to news reports.

The six deaths occurred in Granbury, about an hour west of Dallas, and the hardest hit town in last night's storms, which hit around 8 p.m. local time. Another tornado hit the town of Millsap, damaging several homes and a barn, according to The Associated Press, but no injuries were reported there.

Storm chaser Greg Kourounis took video of the Millsap twister, seen hovering over the town. The fierce winds of the tornado can be heard in the video, as can the excitement of the chasers in catching the tornado in action.

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Andrea Thompson
Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson is an associate editor at Scientific American, where she covers sustainability, energy and the environment. Prior to that, she was a senior writer covering climate science at Climate Central and a reporter and editor at Live Science, where she primarily covered Earth science and the environment. She holds a graduate degree in science health and environmental reporting from New York University, as well as a bachelor of science and and masters of science in atmospheric chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology.