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February 2013 Places in Top 10 Snowiest for Boston

NASA's Terra satellite snapped this image of snow blanketing the Northeast on Feb. 10, 2013.
NASA's Terra satellite snapped this image of snow blanketing the Northeast on Feb. 10, 2013. (Image credit: NASA)

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This February, though not yet finished, has already secured its position in the top ten snowiest Februarys on record for Boston.

As of February 19, Boston has had 32 inches of snow fall during the month, ranking it the seventh snowiest on record and surpassing the city's average February snow fall by 21.1 inches.

Record February Snowfall Totals in Boston

YearMonthly Total
196941.3 inches
200339.9 inches
199436.2 inches
189335.3 inches
193432.9 inches
201332.0 inches

A whopping 24.9 inches of that total was delivered by the February 8-9, 2013 storm that yielded hurricane-force gusts and blizzard conditions to much of New England.

This month's total thus far has also already surpassed the January snowfall average of 12.9 inches, which is typically the snowiest month for the New England city.

Boston was predicted by to be a hotspot for rapid development of storms this winter due to warm water temperatures.

"I think that is something we are going to see here happen on occasion, especially in January, we feel, and maybe once in December and February," Pastelok said in the 2012-2013 Winter Forecast.

More snow may be headed for the city this weekend and into the coming week as one or more storms over the Plains has the potential to spin off new storms along the Atlantic Seaboard.

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