East to Stay Stormy Through the Weekend

Lightning strikes over homes in Toronto, Canada. (Image credit: Wikipedia Encyclopedia (submitted by Jok2000))

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Following Thursday's deadly outbreak of severe weather, showers and thunderstorms will not be quick to depart the East with an unsettled weekend unfolding.

After returning to the East today and threatening to cause damage in some communities, showers and thunderstorms will once again rumble from the Northeast to northern Florida both days this weekend.

Saturday will be the most active day in terms of coverage area as the storminess will become more concentrated along the Interstate 95 and 10 corridors on Sunday.

Showers and thunderstorms this weekend are the last thing those with outdoor plans across the East want to hear.

Umbrellas will become a daily accessory and outdoor events may be delayed or forced inside, though only for a time with most places not seeing rain for the entirety of the weekend.

Even if you want to brave the rain, it is especially imperative to seek shelter when thunder is heard since you are then close enough to get struck by lightning.

Lightning strikes led to two injuries and one death during Thursday's severe weather outbreak. Another recent lightning death occurred on Tuesday in Garrett, Pa., when 36-year-old Mary Yoder was picking berries underneath a tree.

While lightning will be the greatest threat of the thunderstorms through the weekend, localized incidents of damaging winds cannot be ruled out across the southern mid-Atlantic and Carolinas Saturday afternoon.

Blinding downpours are another localized danger throughout the Southeast.

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Not everyone across the East will jeer the impending unsettled weather.

Farmers and gardeners will cheer as the showers and thunderstorms deliver beneficial rain to a region that has been unusually dry so far this summer.

That is especially true across the Delmarva, where the United States Drought Monitor stated a severe drought is under way.

Central and southwestern Georgia are suffering from an extreme to exceptional drought, but the thunderstorms will only reach the southern half of this zone.

The showers and thunderstorms throughout the East will also prevent temperatures from significantly soaring this weekend. Temperatures will fail to crack the 90-degree mark across much of the Northeast as triple-digit heat becomes absent from the Southeast.

Sticky, humid air is the one thing that will not be missing from the East this weekend.

As the weekend comes to an end, the unsettled weather will not follow suit. Instead, additional rounds of showers and thunderstorms are expected to close out July.

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