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Ghost of Fabio to Impact Los Angeles, Southern California

Hurricane Fabio
This infrared image taken by NOAA's GOES-15 satellite on July 16, 2012, shows then Hurricane Fabio chasing the remnants of former Hurricane Emilia over the Pacific Ocean. (Image credit: NASA GOES Project)

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While Fabio should weaken as it heads northward in the eastern Pacific, Southern California will feel some impacts.

Fabio will encounter cooler Pacific water and stronger wind shear, causing the system to weaken into a remnant area of low pressure by Wednesday.

However, rough surf, increased clouds and spotty showers are in store for Southern California Wednesday night and Thursday as the remnants of Fabio move into Southern California or the northern part of Baja California.

Large swells up to 4-6 feet will be stirred by the remnants of Fabio.

Showers will be more likely in Southern California on Wednesday night, especially in the higher elevations. Flash flooding could be a concern in the Southern California mountains if any heavier downpours develop.

Clouds will increase with some spotty showers farther north across central California on Thursday.

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