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Racing Robots: DARPA Grand Challenge 2005


(Image credit: Red Team Racing)

Sandstorm is returning from last year as the Red Team’s veteran robot racer. It is shown here during a qualifying run.


(Image credit: Team Cornell )

Team Cornell’s military-style vehicle is seen during a qualifying run.


(Image credit: Stanford Racing Team)

The Stanford Vehicle (nicknamed "Stanley") is based on a stock, diesel-powered Volkswagen Touareg R5, modified with full-body skid plates and a reinforced front bumper.


(Image credit: Team TerraMax)

TerraMax is Oshkosh’s Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) defense truck platform.


(Image credit: Team Jefferson)

Team Jefferson’s gas-powered, custom-built, skinned egg-shaped vehicle is just called “Tommy.”


(Image credit: Mojavation)

Team Mojavation’s Nissan Xterra (dubbed the "Xboxx") vehicle kisses the k-rail and is disabled on the DARPA site.