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Technology has been integral to military weapons and spy gear for millennia, and the field of military technology is advancing at breakneck speed. From drones that maneuver without a pilot and "death ray" weaponized lasers that unleash killer zaps to invisibility cloaks that obfuscate tanks and X-ray vision for soldiers, military tech abounds these days. Our news and features will cover the science and innovation behind military weapons, defense technology and spy gear, including how the latest war technology works, what's next in sci-fi weaponry and how it will affect you and the planet.
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Blast from the Past: 3 Civil War Cannons Pulled from River
A cannon is lifted by a huge tractor.
September 30th, 2015
They might look like rusty old guns, but these 150-year-old cannons offer locals an important connection with their history.
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Flexible Robo-Legs Could Help Helicopters Stick Tricky Landings
Robotic Helicopter Legs
September 16th, 2015
Helicopters of the future could use insectlike robotic legs to land in unlikely places — like the slopes of steep hills or the decks of rocking boats.
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Fairy-Tale-Inspired 'Gremlin Drones' Could Spy in Swarms
Artist's depiction of the gremlin drones.
September 2nd, 2015
When the U.S. military needs a new idea for drone technology, it turns to an unlikely source for inspiration: old fairy tales.
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It's Part Tank, Part Salamander, and Ready for Combat
The amphibious combat vehicle.
September 29th, 2015
Lockheed's newest military vehicle works just as well on land as it does in the water.
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Design the Jet Engine of the Future, Win $2 Million
An artist's depiction of the new engine in use.
September 15th, 2015
The U.S. Air Force is offering $2 million to whoever can design a new and improved engine to power its airplanes.
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Drones Spook Bears
A drone flies toward the location of a collared bear in northwestern Minnesota.
August 13th, 2015
Bears apparently seem to find UFOs unbearable — airborne robots and other unidentified flying objects can make bear hearts beat four times faster, researchers say.
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Incredible Drone Photos: Contest-Winning Images from Above
dronies, dronestagram, lost island
July 20th, 2015
The second annual Dronestagram Aerial Photography Contest brought these incredible images to light.
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Drones Save Lives in Disasters, When They're Allowed to Fly (Op-Ed)
Unmanned aerial vehicle
September 19th, 2015
Drones can bring eyes and ears to emergency responders soon after disaster strikes.
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Laser Weapon Melts Test Drone in Midair
The new Boeing Compact Laser Weapon System.
September 9th, 2015
A new laser weapon that can burn up targets in just a few seconds recently melted and destroyed a test drone flying over California.
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3D-Printed Spy Drones Could Be Built at Sea
3D-Printed Drone
August 5th, 2015
A 3D-printed drone was recently launched from a British military warship and successfully flew to shore, a demonstration that could pave the way for futuristic spy drones that can be printed at sea.
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