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Technology has been integral to military weapons and spy gear for millennia, and the field of military technology is advancing at breakneck speed. From drones that maneuver without a pilot and "death ray" weaponized lasers that unleash killer zaps to invisibility cloaks that obfuscate tanks and X-ray vision for soldiers, military tech abounds these days. Our news and features will cover the science and innovation behind military weapons, defense technology and spy gear, including how the latest war technology works, what's next in sci-fi weaponry and how it will affect you and the planet.
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US Military's Self-Steering Bullets Can Hit Moving Targets
Self-guided bullets
April 28th, 2015
In what some might consider a terrifying development, the U.S. military has passed a key milestone in creating self-steering bullets.
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Angry Chimp Attack! 5 Bizarre Drone Crashes
chimpanzee attacks drone
April 16th, 2015
Drones are becoming increasingly popular in everyday life, but the technology still has some kinks to work out. In the latest example, a drone crashed and burned while carrying a shipment of asparagus to a restaurant in the Netherlands, according to news
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Sci-Fi Cloaking Device Could Protect Soldiers from Shock Waves
Plasma ball sphere of glowing lightning energy.
March 24th, 2015
A researcher at the defense company Boeing has filed a patent for a sci-fi-esque cloaking device that would protect soldiers from intense shock waves generated by explosions. The device would stop shock waves with a veil of heated, ionized air.
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Battle Lines Drawn Around the Legality of 'Killer Robots'
U.S. Navy drone aboard aircraft carrier.
April 24th, 2015
While the LAWS debate in Geneva was deeper and richer than previous discussions, key definitions – which are needed to word a protocol to restrict them – remain unclear and up for continued debate.
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Birds' Foldable Wings Could Inspire Nimble Drones
Bird-Inspired Robotic Wings
March 26th, 2015
A drone that mimics the way birds fold and flap their wings could improve the design of future unmanned autonomous vehicles, and could even help the machines withstand midair collisions.
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Amazon's FAA Approval May Not Give Commercial Drones a Lift
Amazon's "Prime Air" Delivery Drones
March 20th, 2015
Amazon got approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to test its much-hyped Prime Air delivery drones in the United States. But this might not be the news Amazon had hoped for.
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25 Robots Set to Compete in Ambitious Contest This Summer
THORMANG 2 robot
March 6th, 2015
This summer, 25 robots from around the world will go head to head in a competition to test how machines could one day provide assistance after natural or man-made disasters.
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Scientists Turn to Drones For Closer Look at Sea Ice
arctic sea ice, ice melt, climate change, global warming, drones
April 23rd, 2015
A Columbia University oceanographer calls on drones to help study ice melt.
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Are Wearable Drones Buzzing on the Horizon?
March 18th, 2015
Future wearables may be tiny drones that protect users from pollution, play games, act as scouts and fly long distances on drone superhighways.
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