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Technology has been integral to military weapons and spy gear for millennia, and the field of military technology is advancing at breakneck speed. From drones that maneuver without a pilot and "death ray" weaponized lasers that unleash killer zaps to invisibility cloaks that obfuscate tanks and X-ray vision for soldiers, military tech abounds these days. Our news and features will cover the science and innovation behind military weapons, defense technology and spy gear, including how the latest war technology works, what's next in sci-fi weaponry and how it will affect you and the planet.
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Ready for Takeoff? New Rules Would Limit Some Uses for Drones
amazon prime air
February 17th, 2015
The Obama administration announced a much-anticipated set of rules to govern the use of commercial drones, but experts say the new requirements will hold back parts of the burgeoning industry.
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Drones May Aid Bird Studies Without Ruffling Feathers
Drones for Studying Birds
February 5th, 2015
Drones have become an important tool in war, but these robotic flyers could have myriad uses off the battlefield, including as bird-watchers.
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F-35 Fighter Jet Tested in Extreme Weather Conditions
The F-35 undergoes ice evaluation testing.
February 2nd, 2015
Solar radiation, freezing rain, dense fog: The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter warplane can withstand all that and more, according to U.S. Air Force officials.
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What Happens When Drones Start Thinking on Their Own? (Op-Ed)
Drone flying
February 15th, 2015
Technologically speaking, drones' abilities have all manner of real-world applications.
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Thin 'Bubble' Coatings Could Hide Submarines from Sonar
Submarine USS Topeka
February 4th, 2015
Bubble-filled rubbery coatings may one day help make submarines virtually undetectable to sonar, researchers say.
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Navy Helicopter Drone Completes First Round of Testing
The new Navy helicopter drone — the MQ-8C.
December 24th, 2014
A newer, larger U.S. Navy helicopter drone can take off and land from a moving boat.
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Drones and Planes Will Live-Track NASA's Orion Capsule Launch
NASA's Ikhana drone.
December 3rd, 2014
When NASA rockets its Orion spaceship high above the Earth's atmosphere on Thursday, the space-bound aircraft won't be alone.
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Meet Spot: New Breed of Robot Dog Climbs and Trots
Spot the robot dog gets kicked.
February 10th, 2015
Google-owned robotics company Boston Dynamics recently unveiled its newest animal-inspired bot. Meet Spot — a four-legged robotic dog that can climb stairs, trot over rough terrain and even recover from a well-placed kick to the ribs.
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Chef Bot? Robot Learns Cooking from YouTube Videos
Cooking robot
February 3rd, 2015
The U.S. military may not be known for its haute cuisine, but it's developing a new robot that can learn how to cook from watching YouTube videos.
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Futuristic Laser Weapon Ready for Action, US Navy Says
The Nay's laser weapon system.
December 11th, 2014
The U.S. Navy announced that its high-tech laser weapon is ready to disable and destroy enemy drones and small boats should the need arise.
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