Fitbit Releases New Activity Tracker
The Fitbit Force
Credit: Video Screengrab/YouTube/CNETTV

Fitbit has released a new activity tracker, called the Force.

While its predecessor, the Fitbit Flex, had only a line of lights to indicator a user's progress towards their daily activity goal, the Force has a display screen which shows a variety of fitness stats such as the number of calories burned or steps taken.

The product will hit stores shelves in the coming weeks, according to Mashable. Customers can order the device now on the company website, which says it takes three to four weeks to ship.

The Force is the only wristband activity tracker to count the stairs/floors you climb. (The Withings Pulse, a activity tracker worn on the belt, also has a feature that tracks elevation)

The Force also keeps track of the total number of minutes you are active, and uses the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation of 150 minutes a week as a goal, Mashable says.

The Force sells for $129.95.