Be quick and get more than 50% off these Samsung earbuds

Why should iPhone users and Apple fans have all the fun? Get these earbuds that are basically Samsung's AirPods for less than half price at Walmart.

Whether you need music for your workout, podcasts to help you unwind, or just some relaxing white noise to work to, there's always scope for a pair of good wireless earbuds you can keep in your pocket just in case. And, while AirPods are undoubtedly a popular choice for those on the Apple side of the fence, Android users are spoilt for choice.

Some of the best around are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, which despite their unwieldy name are very portable earbuds you can use just about anywhere — and you can find them at a steep discount at Walmart.

The retailer is offering them with an $80 discount, bringing the nifty earbuds down to just $69. The mathematicians among you will likely notice that that's more than half of the MSRP lopped off, making this a fantastic deal.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Was $149, now $69 at Walmart
Save more than 50%

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Was $149, now $69 at Walmart
Save more than 50%
on these convenient, pocketable earbuds, with noise cancelling included.

As for what they can do, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are true wireless earbuds that offer a well-rounded sound with plenty of bass, according to our sister site TechRadar.

They offer a nice snug fit, not too loose and not too tight, helping with the noise cancellation. The Active Noise Cancelation on offer does pale in comparison to competitors and iOS counterparts like the AirPods Pro, but for everything else, these are pretty ideal.

They come with a charging case, too, and you can get 21 hours of battery life out of them by popping them inside. They also charge quickly so you can get right back to what they do best.

Walmart customers are certainly positive on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, too, with a 4.1 out of 5 average rating. Some have even said they feel like they haven't been able to stop using them, and for this price, it's certainly worth a go.

Lloyd Coombes

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