Save over 30% on this AmScope student microscope

AmScope M150C microscope
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Looking for a great new microscope for school or home? Amazon's latest deal could be just what you're looking for.

Finding a sturdy microscope for school can be a challenge, particularly if you're on a budget, but the best microscopes for students in 2023 don't necessarily need to break the bank.

With so many options it can be tough to find what's right for you, but we've found a great all-rounder that's well worth a look. Better yet, it's discounted right now at Amazon.

Right now Amazon is offering the AmScope M150C microscope for just $68.99 -- that's a discount of 31% off of its MSRP of $99.99.

AmScope M150C Microscope - Was $99.99 now $68.99 at Amazon

AmScope M150C Microscope - Was $99.99, now $68.99 at Amazon

Save $21 on this excellent biological compound Microscope with a sturdy metal frame and LED illumination setup.

While not the smallest student microscope we've ever seen (with dimensions of 15x10x7 inches), the AmScope M150C does have an all-metal construction that makes it reliable and sturdy.

It has a maximum magnification of 1000X, but starts at 40X, and offers a 45-degree view of whatever is on the slide platform.

While some images show it connected to a computer, the required cables aren't included so buyer beware.

If you do have a USB cable handy, however, you'll be able to charge the LED lighting module via connection to a PC or laptop, while also having the option to connect it via the mains (a power supply is included) or AAA batteries (not included). The light itself is dimmable, too.

With an average customer rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, it's fair to say that the AmScope M150C is a hit with buyers.

Many have noted how it's an ideal microscope for kids as well as older students, praising the ability to power its LED through AC, USB, or batteries, while also noting how being geared toward a younger audience may limit its potential for adults.

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