The Peloton Guide is less than $100 right now with this massive 51% discount

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Peloton is best known for its range of home exercise bikes, but you don’t have to be into sweaty spin sessions to work out with Peloton’s top instructors, as the Peloton Guide is at its lowest ever price now, with 51% off at Amazon on this virtual personal trainer.

The Guide is a small camera that sits on top of your TV to accurately monitor your form and offer technique suggestions and adjustments whether you’re doing biceps curls with dumbbells or during an equipment-free HIIT session on your yoga mat.

You’ll need a Peloton membership — there’s a $24/month edition specifically for the Guide — and then you’ll be able to dive into any of the app’s workouts and see yourself on the screen next to the instructor, along with your training stats.

Peloton Guide | was $195 now $95 at Amazon

Peloton Guide | was $195, now $95 at Amazon

Overview: The Peloton Guide is an AI-powered personal trainer for your home workouts. The camera tracks your movements and the on-screen app offers suggestions and guidance to help improve your form and get the most from your workouts.

It’s important to practice your technique if you want to get results and avoid injury, especially if you regularly train with weights. But without someone to watch as you exercise, it’s hard to get proper feedback on your squat, push-up, or kettlebell swing.

The Guide is an effective way to monitor your form and suggest small adjustments that can make a big difference to your training. This deal is the first time we’ve seen the price drop below $100, but you’ll also need to factor in the monthly cost of the Peloton membership.

In the first year, that’ll cost you an additional $300, but you do then get access to all of the workouts in the standard App Membership tier, strength training sessions designed for the Guide, and you can create five profiles so everyone in your household can benefit too.

If you’re just getting into strength training, you can also pick up a set of Peloton Dumbbells for 30% less at Amazon, but you don’t have to use the company’s weights with the Guide, so any set of adjustable dumbbells will work perfectly well too.

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